Monday, June 15, 2009

Father’s Day/ 4th of July Present Book Discount ($5 OFF)

A friend mentioned that he was thinking about getting a copy of my book for his father and I thought others might want to do that too, so given the occasion I’ll be doing a $5 discount to make it a bit easier on the pocket.
Might be a good 4th of July gift as well.
Have fun with your old man people, heck go fishing or shoot something ! :^)

Edited to add:
Thanks Jedi for the aditional 10% Discount, Coupon code "WELCOME10".
It's case sensitive. You need to write this down when asked to enter the coupon code.
I found aditional coupon Codes HERE as well.



Jedi said...


If this doesn't take money out of your pocket, people can use the case sensitive coupon code: WELCOME10

This will give them an additional 10% off of their order.

If this comes out of your pocket, then just don't post this.

FerFAL said...

The $5 OFF was my idea and doesn't apply to other Lulu books. I just dropped my book earnings until the 4th of July.
Those coupons are Lulu's so that doesn't reduce my earnings. That comes out of Lulu's pocket so USE THEM! :^)


Shambhala said...

Getting mine today.
Kept putting it off ...