Thursday, October 28, 2010

About Self Defense

Did another Podcast, this one about the 3 basic pilars of self defense. Let me know if it wroks ok.



Anonymous said...

Ferfal, this sounded like an presentation, though for me stopped at around the 6:20 mark. Is there a technical issue that you know of? Phil in Washington, USA

Anonymous said...

An interesting podcast. Thanks for putting it out.

Don Williams said...

Thanks for the info, Ferfal.

I have a few questions, if you have the time:

a) You mention Glocks and Browning HiPower for handguns. Do you think SigArms (9mm, 357 Sig,45 ACP), Beretta 92s and 1911s (38 Super, 45 ACP) are less desirable? Why?

Note: I'm not pushing for a gun flamewar --just your personal opinion. And with the proviso that you shouldn't have to mount an impregnable legal defense of that opinion against every gun nut on the Internet.

b) You didn't mention body armor in your broadcast although you have urged it's use here on the blog. Is body armor something that one generally wears only for dangerous situations (because it is hot and uncomfortable, esp in summer) or it it something someone should wear most of the time?

(It seems that here in the USA, police on patrol are wearing it more and more although I get the impression that there was resistance when it was first introduced.)

Anonymous said...


If I may, I will speak to your handgun topic as well. Net, it all boils down to what works for you. Ferfal seems to prefer the Glock platform, and there are hundreds of thousands of people who agree with him. He's in good company. It really comes down to what works for your hand, your lifestyle, your shape and size, weight, capacity, the clothing you wear (if carried concealed), ease and safety of deployment, and a number of other factors. I carry a Kahr PM9 (with spare mag) most days, and a .45 Browning/Sig Sauer P220 (big gun) on cold days in which I can pull it off under bulky clothing.

You can also have an extensive discussion of calibers and ammunition type. I would caution against anything smaller than a .38. The FBI and many police departments in the USA have conducted "bake offs" that are publicly available to view that compare and contrast ammunition type, manufacturer, caliber and ballistic performance.

Read here:

and here:

Needless to say, there's a huge amount of good information that is a few keystrokes away on google.

I'll finish with a link to an article from Massad Ayoob: "Cheap Guns are good enough"

I recommend you google him to read more of his articles.

- BlackSix

Don Williams said...

Thanks, Black Six.

Don Williams said...

PS Any thoughts on selection of holsters? Inside waistband vice oustside,etc.

Anonymous said...

Every half minute it stops and I have to click "play". Then says it's buffering 1% completed. Don't have this problem anywhere else.

FerFAL said...

Hi Phil, sorry for that. I dont know of any probelms but I'm trying with differnet mp3 creators to see which one works best.

Anonymous said...

It worked for me just fine when I tried it again the next day.

fitpro said...


I am a pistol instructor. Appendix Inside Waist Band (AIWB) is probably the fastest draw from concealment, is comfortable, and it is very easy to hide your weapon from view. To draw from this position, you use your off-hand to pull up your shirt, grasp your handgun, and begin firing at your target as soon as your gun clears concealment. You should also be running (the most important part of a gunfight is to NOT get shot) and extending your arm toward the target as you run. If you want mor combat handgun tips just let me know.