Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Equipped Website

Ever heard of this place? They design unique survival items, & review other outdoor gear.

Their keyring LED is a real improvement: red light lasts longer, plastic collar protects LED bulb & directs light forward, yellow color easy to see, etc.

They also made a small blade for an Altoids kit.

Hi! Yes, and Doug Ritter have been around forever. Its a well respected webiste among the survival and preparedness community. If I remember well he specializes in airplane and boat survival kits. He has designed some gear as well.
The kits are pretty good but you can do better if you research a bit and buy quality products to put together a kit specially for your own circumstances and location. The light you mention for example, I’m much happier with a Fenix LD01 as a keychain light, I think it’s a much more capable flashlight, capable of both 80lumen output or long term 10 lumen for when light will be needed for long periods of time.
I’d even take the Fenix E01, which, like the LD01, uses a single readily available AAA battery and runs for almost 24 hours in its constant 10 lumen mode. Its built like a tank and costs just 14 bucks.
Haven’t tried the knife but a Spyderco Bug would work nicely. Heck, if you have a kit, then I’d hope you’d be the type of person that has something better than a 1” blade with you.
What I like the most about the website is some of the gear reviews. They are a bit dated but I remember reading pretty good reviews about the Leatherman Wave and Charge. I ended up buying both and I currently carry the Charge Tti.



Greg in CA said...

The small PICO light they sell is a good back-up to the Fenix LD01. Has O-ring, light-weight, tough, etc.

Their RSK Mk5 knife is for Altoid kits, & small.

A CRKT KISS 2.25" is a good pick for a basic kit, or a Gerber Ultra-light LST. The kit designed like an AMK Pocket Survival Pack for hiking, fishing, blackouts, riots, etc.

Just a basic kit, to be supplemented with first aid, larger knife & more. For use as a last resort.

Greg in CA said...

The Spyderco Bug is small!

I bought it at your suggestion, & it's a good fit for a keyring or small emergency kit, as a backup. Well made, also.

The whole thing, folded, is about half the length of my right index finger. Tiny...