Thursday, October 7, 2010

Glenn Beck radio program

Hello Fernando,
> I am a big fan of your writing. I just wanted you to know that I called the Glenn Beck radio program, and made them aware of you. I suggested that they get you on the show. I hope they contact you after reading on your website! -Wess from Massachusetts

Hi Wess, thanks a lot! I've sent them emails and a copy of my book some time ago but never heard back from them.
Not having a publisher, an agent and all that makes it almost impossible to make it to one of those big shows but it would be nice. 
I’m still hanging there on the top 10 best sellers of Disaster Relief and Survival skills, competing against multi-million dollar publishers with a print on demand book so I can’t complain much. :-)
If anyone wants to try contact them the contact info is:
 toll-free nationwide: 888-727-BECK
I've seen some of his material in youtube and he does sound like-minded in many ways, pretty aware of the times we live in.
 But hey, on the meantime I’m looking forward to tomorrows podcast recording with Steve. I’ll do my best to answer all of the questions I’ve received.  I’ll link to the podcast as soon as its uploaded.


Mayberry said...

Glenn Beck is an establishment shill. He'll never have you on because his masters wouldn't allow it and he doesn't have the spine to defy them...

Anonymous said...

Having someone like Ferfal on fox would be invaluable as far as getting folks some idea of preparation and/or what to expect in the situation that we are headed into. I feel sometimes, that the establishment doesn't want people to have a way to protect or prepare themselves too much. They want the shock to hit us deep into our cores. They want us to be fully dependant on their system of control.

Anonymous said...

I am sure a lot of people would like to guest on Glenn Beck but he's a pretty busy guy these days and his show is #1 for a reason.

I'd like to say that (my opinion) Glenn Beck is an honest, sincere person who actually loves America and is trying to do his part to enlighten Americans to wake up before it really HTF.

He may work for Fox but he is for me, one who speaks to Americans who plan to turn America around (and will succeed ultimately).

His show is informative and he tells the truth (humbly, I might add) without getting himself fired (not an easy task these days, but he does it).

People are as informed as they want to be. It's not that hard to see what is going on in America but a lot of people don't want to think about it and continue right on living their lives as if nothing will change. When it does, those "in denial" types will be the first to start crying to the government to help them, which is a big part of the problem in the first place.

When you smell smoke, the wise thing would be to lift your head to see if there is a fire nearby and then if there is, do something constructive - prepare for it, in case it comes your way. But for others their hope is that if they just keep their heads down long enough, it'll go away.

I like Glenn Beck and he speaks for a lot of Americans who love their country.

cryingfreeman said...

I'll second what Mayberry said. Beck is the most transparent, owned- shill on the face of this earth. He's the supreme wolf in sheep's clothing, as anyone switched on to how the world really works can see clearly. His function is to channel dissent into futile dead-ends that change nothing. An utter must-to-avoid!

Anonymous said...

Don't trust Beck

Anonymous said...

Beck gets it right regarding certain fiscal, monetary, and political issues, but his focus on national"honor," along with his apparent endorsement of America's dangerous, ultra costly, arrogantly imperialistic proclivity to constantly and coercively meddle in other country's affairs, bothers me.

In the last presidential primaries, Beck publicly characterized Dr. Ron Paul's supporters as "potential terrorists" - a smear I consider either ignorant or sly. I suspect the latter and believe he is part of a controlled opposition which energizes the stupid left-right polarity, distracting the indoctrinated sheeple-serfs from identifying their true adversaries, who sap the nation's lifeblood from the safety and secrecy of transnational banking and military-industrial boardrooms.

Beck's media bosses pay him very,very highly and I do not doubt that he is careful not to tug at his leash.

However...I must acknowledge that an appearance by Ferfal on Beck's show might accomplish something worthwhile, so long as he is allowed to speak his piece without being interrupted, misinterpreted, or otherwise trivialized.

My 2 bits, and good luck to you, Ferfal.


John G. said...

I used to listen to Beck, and think he was a force for good. Then, this spring, he ambushed the Texas Libertarian candidate for governor. That act opened my eyes to the truth, that Beck -- by will or stupidity -- is a tool of the establishment.

Don't waste your time chasing Beck.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck used to be odd but he is now crazy, IMHO. I don't know if he's a shill but if people think he's the best America can produce, we're as screwed here as I thought we were.


russell1200 said...

Beck is bizarre. But I have not heard him ambush an invited guest. You would sell a ton of books.

Nolan said...

I'm not a Glenn Beck uber-fan and don't watch his show every day but I've not seem him say much that I disagree with. He is a lot more emotional than I care for, though.

Restoring honor in our lives and then electing people that reflect our values isn't a bad message. Being aware of the crazy connections that exist between our nations leaders and true terrorist revolutionaries in a way that explains their actions isn't a bad thing. Even if he has put the puzzle together incorrectly, the pieces fit so it is worth thinking about.

I've never once heard him advocate big government to solve a problem. I just watched the clip where he calls Ron Paul supporters terrorists and he openly states that he is sure the vast majority of Ron Paul supporters are not terrorist but that he is struck by tying a fund-raising day to a famous terrorist and calling donations "money-bombs." You have to admit that is a little odd.

There is more misinformation and outright lies about Glenn Beck than any other media personality I've ever seen. So many people tell me they hate him but their only information is from some left-wing website and not from watching or listening to him.

Saying that Beck is channeling dissent down a dead end is to admit that our electoral system is beyond repair and that armed revolution is the only option. I just don't think the US is there yet.

I don't think Beck is all about the preparation aspect though...he has mentioned that if he thought the country was doomed he'd have a big ranch/farm somewhere. At least that is something FerFAL and Beck could discuss :)

William said...

Nolan, as far as GB not being into prepping, I have heard him advertise and how his basement is well stocked(kinda stupid to admit on national radio, but hey it's his ass)and he's also referred to his possession of firearms and gold. How prepped he is, I don't pretend to know, but I think he may be further along than many of us.
BTW, Mayberry just because someone doesn't fall at your feet worshiping your blog doesn't make them a shill. Or maybe you're just pissed the feds haven't given you a reason yet. Just MHO.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, please don't go on Glenn Beck's program, no one would ever take you seriously anymore after that.