Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Peper Spray for home defense and doing things differently.

I just found your blogs. Fascinating...

What are your thoughts on pepper spray for non-lethal home defense? I have shotguns, but want something to deter a person. Other thoughts would be very welcome.

If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently. Brevity and bullet points are fine; i.e. more can goods, more bottled water, more condoms, etc..



Hi Tom, for home defense, use your shotgun. Peper spray is a good non-lethal option but we always have to keep in mind that non lethal means there’s a good chance it WILL NOT stop a dangerous, determined attacker on its tracks. We saw it on the videos posted a few days ago. Sometimes the situation already escalated to a lethal stage and the good guy simply didn’t realize it. The boxer video is a good example. He would have killed the cop if he could, yet the cop uses peper spray first. It’s the right thing to do to use a non-lethal option when you can, but in that case his restrain in the use of force came close to getting him killed.

For home defense in countries where you can legally own any sort of firearm, the firearm is always the weapon to be used. Someone breaks into your house, his intentions are pretty clear and in both legal and common sense terms you do have enough reason to fear for your life. You don’t shoot to wound, you always shoot center of mass to stop the threat (there are 2+1 drills but you know what I mean) Shooting to wound opens a huge can of worms: Why didn’t you shoot center of mass? You didn’t think the situation required lethal response?… then why did you use a lethal weapon pal? It gets ugly fast and your chance of wining that civil lawsuit aren’t good, not to mention the chances of losing your life for shooting to wound in a life or death situation.

The second question comes up frequently. Check this link, half way through there’s a line that says:
A LIST OF THINGS THAT "If you had it to do over again" YOU WOULD GET.



Joseph said...


My attitude is that if someone is breaking into my home, AND they know I am there, they are willing to harm me once they get in. Dare I assume otherwise?

tarditi said...

Pepper Spray is indiscriminate, too - you run a reasonable risk of incapacitating yourself (mostly a stream, but spray will splash back - especially in close quarters).

Jada said...

I saw a comedy once where someone tried to pepper spray an attacker, but was holding it backwards and sprayed it in his own eyes. I laughed, but that's about all I figure pepper spray is good for.

Besides, if your attacker is high on meth or dust, you might as well be sprinkling water on him for all the good it'll do.

Anonymous said...

About incapacitating yourself, yes very likely, at least to some extent. Why are tasers so often used?

Anonymous said...

BTW, pepper spray is available on trip wire. Don't know if this is a good idea, but the canister can be attached outside and near the front door and the wire or string ran through the wall so you can pull it if the bad guys don't go away. Use your imagination. If someone breaks into your place, the spray goes off when they trip the wire once inside and they runaway. Sounds good?