Friday, October 1, 2010

Interview Today

I was interviewed today by Stephen Patterson, for his podcast “Two Beers with Steve”. It was a fun conversation, talking about the Argentine 2001 collapse and preparedness. 
I apologize in advance for my English. It’s been a while since I talked with someone in English and I wasn’t exactly fluid. 
 You can listen to the podcast here:

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EN said...

Good interview. Funny listening to this guy. He sees the forest but is woefully short of seeing the trees. Hopefully you made his see the reality of things.

Anonymous said...

Ferfal I put up the interview on youtube -

FerFAL said...

Thanks! ;-)


Dreamer said...

Interesting interview, but I didn't hear any deep question from the conductor.

Anonymous said...

You sounded good, Mr Fernand@ Aguáir of Bóinos Eris :) Whether you had any trouble expressing yourself, i didn't sense it.

Loyalist said...

Agreed...your pace sounded fine to me; great interview, you should try to get on more podcasts and 'spread the word'

John Peterson said...

I just finished listening to the podcast and I thought it was a great interview. I like how you pointed out that preparedness can be boiled down to:

People who know, doing what they need to do in order to sleep better at night.

This reality based preparedness you bring to the discussion is very much needed. I remember talking to a friend and I mentioned to him how I wished there was someone out there who could give me advice that had lived through an economic collapse in our time. We can't talk to anyone who lived through the collapse in Germany. That was too long ago. The Soviet Union's collapse would be interesting, but their economy was so different from that of the US.

It's nice that you are sharing with us the experiences of a modern Argentinian economy that just implodes in an instant. We're very lucky that your English is so good. I wish I could express myself in Spanish as well as you do in English. In addition, it's nice that you reiterated what you have said in your book that you need to stay positive and enjoy life too. That's something that's easy to lose sight of in good times and bad.

Anyway, I'll be visiting family in Ecuador soon. I'll definitely be discussing your book down there, and I'll probably bring it too. I want to talk to them more about the '99 currency collapse and how they adapted. I've been down there several times since '99, but didn't have the prep mindset until a few years back.

I thank Congressman Ron Paul for putting me on that track with his frank political discussions on monetary policy, destructiveness of Keynesian Economics, the Austrian Economics solution, the Constitution, etc...

We're very lucky to have a guy like you Fernando. May God bless you and your family.