Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Next Podcast

I just got an email from Steve from “Two beers with Steve” and it seems like we’re doing another one soon, this one focused on how bad it would get if the economy collapses in USA.
If you guys have any questions or topics you’d like us to discuss just post them here on the comments. Please include some name. Pete from NY, Tom in Montana,  or Will from Florida will do. There’s way too many guys called Anonymous. :-)



DaShui said...

Hey FerFal I will help you de-rust your English:

Instead of saying "if" the economy collapses?
It is more correct to say "while" the economy collapses.

Just thought I could help....

P.S. It's just like your book said. I'm seeing more places only selling used goods, and places where people can rent a small table on weekends to try to sell their junk.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could talk about the
"TOP 3 or 4 things you would have done differently if you knew how the economic collapse was going to play out."
"Skills that sell well in the new reality. Or finding work in this brave new world."
"Businesses and services that people are making a living operating since the collapse."
Crab Apple from the Orchard

stu said...

Hola Fernando

Q) What are the medical facilities like post collapse in Argentina?

Do you still have a functioning ambulance/EMT service or is it hit and miss?

Anna said...

How about, what do you do if your slacker family shows up at your door wanting to pillage your stockpile? But that is probably too depressing of a topic for a webcast.

Anonymous said...

ok: from Honey and Chloe
in NC/USA.......
1. what's the FIRST thing a US
citizen should do? get a passport?
get a gun? get in shape?
2. your wife said that before 2001, it would have been nice to stock up on more food....ok...just exactly HOW much more? some more than others?
3. finally, how does your super
expensive man-bag fit into your
"gray man" concept of not standing
out in the crowd?

Anonymous said...

FerFal, We have pretty bad riots already, when something like a court verdict is not favorable. Considering the rioters will be both angry AND starving, do you think they will be worse than Argentina's?

Scott in Tennessee

PS this out to see what I'm talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8no3SMt1Ek

Scott from Tennessee

Anonymous said...

How much food did you go through in a month during the collapse?

B from Missouri

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that you don't talk about specific crime situations you have personally experienced due to legal reasons (such as when you have used your gun to stop a crime). So, can you please tell the details of crime situations that your "friend of a neighbor's uncle" has been in? I feel we could really learn something from "his" first-hand accounts.

-Scott in Tennessee (again)

Loyalist said...

How about suggestions on how to convince your spouse to 'get onboard' with emergency preparedness (in particular, firearms)? How to convince your spouse to let you legally keep a gun in the house for home defense? How to 'get through' to others that being a gun owner isn't such a bad idea?

Loyalist in Boston

Don Williams said...

What did Argentina's billionaires do during the 2001 crisis/collapse? What defensive measures did they take to protect themselves and their wealth?

Don Williams said...

PS Why didn't the people of Argentina hold the elites more responsible for the collapse?

Some of Argentina's billionaires
did not leave the country -- although it appears that some did sell off their Argentina companies/assets to foreigners for cash.

But Buenos Aires major news media is still run by a wealthy enemy of Kitcheners.

Had the bitterness of the right vs left civil war during the military junta left everyone saying "A plague on both your houses" when it came to politics?

I've never been to Argentina so I'm having to look at things from outside --lots of local details are unknown to me.

But it is interesting that such a disaster could strike a country and the responsible elites escaped any retribution plus kept their wealth. How?

Don Williams said...

PPS Did the Kitcheners promise the common citizens of Argentina "Change You Can Believe In"??

While Shoveling money from the Treasury out the back door to friends?

Don Williams said...

Somewhat off-topic heads up, Ferfal.

From a New York Times economic blog:

[Don’t look to Jan Hatzius, the highly respected chief economist at Goldman Sachs, for a pep talk on the near-term state of the economy. As he writes in a client note today:

" We see two main scenarios for the economy over the next 6-9 months — a fairly bad one in which the economy grows at a 1½%-2 percent rate through the middle of next year and the unemployment rate rises moderately to 10 percent, and a very bad one in which the economy returns to an outright recession. There is not much probability of a significantly better outcome. The reason is that “short-cycle” factors such as the inventory cycle and the impulse from fiscal policy are likely to continue deteriorating through early 2011, keeping G.D.P. growth very sluggish."

Yikes. He says the “fairly bad” situation is more likely, but estimates that the chances of reverting to another recession are still 25 to 30 percent. ]

Ref: http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/10/06/fairly-bad-or-very-bad-economic-scenarios/

Anonymous said...

The question I asked my wife, is WHERE do you want to be WHEN the economy collapses? I saw on news reports that there are more people in USA on food stamps than ever, riot fodder for certain when the stamps and welfare are no longer available or honored. Just a matter of timing it so that martial law is declared just before November elections, which are of course suspended...

One thing you might discuss is how to transition to the new reality, how to help others transition. How to let go of "Normal" and face the new situation and move forward.

Also, it seems that once the dust settles there would be opportunities for business start ups, you might know of some instances or businesses that worked.

Eric in Michigan

Nolan said...

How do you mentally deal with being unable to offer aid to people because you cannot spare anything you have?

I know that we have to put family first in a bad situation but I can't shake the feeling that I'd be deeply disturbed by turning away hungry people from my (figurative) table. I

f you help one person, do a whole bunch show up wanting to be fed as well?

Anonymous said...

To Nolan,
Don't give at your door step as they will be back and more determined. It'll be a sad situation, but odds are they knew it was coming and did nothing. Yet perhaps they could do little. "But for the grace of God, there go I". Donate to an organization designed to hand out charity and let them know that there is where they should seek help.


To Don Williams:

Goldman Sucks, well you know...
The panel of experts I follow have a better track record. Heading into next year prices will rise 10 to 15%, possibly 25%, and the pace will escalate to a very uncomfortable level going in 2012. Yes, there are too many moving parts to be sure, yet it is safer to assume the 'worst case'. As the situation become increasingly severe, the greater the odds of a catastrophe grows, riots, war etc...a