Saturday, October 23, 2010

Q&A Podcast

 Hi guys, this is my first podcast. Here I answer the quesitons that I got for the Two Beers with Steve interview.
Let me know if it works ok since its the first time I do this. I like the podcasts and will be doing more of them, its fun to change a bit from all that writing. :-)

If you have suggestions for topics to be discussed in the next podcast feel free to write them here in the comments.
Take care and have a good weekend!


Bill N. said...

You mention that you have received different kinds of training so that you can defend yourself. You also mentioned that your wife was taken hostage during a robbery. What has your wife done so that she will be able to defend herself and the kids from future attacks or does she depend on you to provide her security if the SHTF?

Anonymous said...

Nice format for answering e-mails.
The pod cast was great.

tim said...

Hey ferfal i have a question for you. I see it as a distinct possibility that once the US economy collapses the whole fiat system could go down at the same time. People would no longer have faith in monetary systems and try to protect their wealth in metals etc. When Argentina collapsed you had the dollar to fall back on but what would happen if there was no reliable currency left or at least inflation had made the reason for exchanging your money pointless?

How would a dollar collapse and subsequent instability in all currencies effect Argentina if it happened tomorrow and how would what might happen in America then differ from what happened where you are?

btw i'll put your podcast up on my channel in a bit.

FerFAL said...

Hi Tim, lets say that happens. Silver and Gold will still be worth the same, gold goes up to 2000, 4000 USD, eventually a "new dollar" gets announced. This is usually what you can expect to happen with a fiat currencies. Worst case scenario, people start dealing with silver and gold. Since there's not nearly enough, very small amounts of each buy a lot of stuff, another way of putting it would be that precious metals would go up on price exponentially.


Joseph said...


A question at least a little related to this post. An aquaintence at work is asking me about self-defense ammunition that, in a shooting situation, will not go all the way thru his walls and into his neighbor's, assuming he misses his target. He's looking at 9mm or .40 (Glocks!) but I have no real experience myself on this subject, nor can I find much hard data. Any ideas here? The only round I could think of is Magsafe, but I am having trouble finding reliable test data/real world information.