Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheaper yet effective eye protection.

Canis Lupus said...

Those light adjusting sunglasses aren't cheap ! You mention in your book a pair of protective sunglasses for less than $20, but these ones are selling at $125.

You are right. The WileyX are top of the line but cost a lot of money.
The ones I have are safety shades made by Global vision, rated ANSI Z87.1, UV protection and shatterproof policarbonate.
The one I have are just like these ones, but with dark lenses. Here are one’s that are clear, for driving at night or for when using tools.
The brand is called Global Vision, model “Neptune”.
They cost 10-20 bucks ones on ebay. My experiences with the shades is very good.

You can get one smoked for everyday use, and clear ones in the glove compartment to use at night. Looking around I found the clear ones for 7 dollars, so you could get both for 20 bucks.
Protect your eyes folks, SPECIALLY in the much more mundane and very common event of chopping wood or using power tools and machetes or axes.
My LASIK surgery cost a bit over 1000 USD, I protect my investment and my none replaceable eyes a lot since then.:^)
So should you. Leather gloves and eye protection every time you work with tools people.



Shambhala said...

Excellent advice.

Protect eyes, hands, and feet first.
Protect knees and elbows if required.
Common sense isnt common, is it?

Bones said...

Wearing safety sunglasses is one of those things where I said "Why didn't I think of that before"?

Global Vision glasses are available on One seller has most pairs at about half off list. I purchased several from them-they're excellent safety/sunglasses and extremely cheap; some are only $6 + shipping. No real need to spend more.

Anonymous said...

Awesome advise as always!