Sunday, May 31, 2009

Reply: More on gear: Flashlights

McClarinJ said...
I'll bet you WILL be associated with this company. They must notice an uptick in sales due to your blog featuring them. I just ordered a couple.

I’d associate with them if I could, but they don’t offer that kind of affiliate program like Amazon does.:^)
Guess their earning margin is too low given the prices.
The prices (and world wide free shipping) look good so I thought about sharing for those that also look for cheap quality stuff.
Read the EDC forum thread though. Some people aren’t that happy with the shipping delays, product quality, cs, etc.

At least in my situation, the low prices and free shipping are still worth the risk.
Small tip: Make SMALL orders, order a couple batteries, a flashlight the next day, a charger a couple days later, in my experience a small envelope is less likely to get hold up at customs office. Buy things that have very good reputation, lots of junk there as well.

For anyone looking for good brand name flashlights that also have free world wide shipping, check the Fenix Store. (also, not associated with them, just found them and passing along the tip)

If anyone knows of other places with good products, good prices, and preferably free world wide shipping, leave a comment for us less fortunate ones that don’t live in USA :^ )

eydaimon said...

Note that the acoray is the same flashlight at this one

also notice the price difference.

137 Bucks!!

You are right, here’s the flashlight.

And here’s the charger!!!

You can get the same setup for 20$ or so, and save $116! :^p



Bones said...

Darn, I just had to buy 2 more flashlights...photophilia is a terrible disease.

This one is pretty nice, too. Q5 emitter and takes easy-to-find standard AAA batteries and only $11.50 USD.

Bones said...

DX is a Great site for cheap headlamps too. I have this one; it's quite small for a 3 x AAA light, very bright and cheap at %5.99 USD.

Can you tell I like flashlights?

Anonymous said...

I recommend
They've got some pretty good deals and ship quickly and free(at least in the US, not sure about outside the country).

Carl said...

I bought a couple of these lights, and they arrived in the mail today.
They work, for some value of 'work'; but they aren't what you'd call
reliable. Shake them hard enough and they spontaneously change
settings (full bright to dim to strobe to SOS). Maybe ok for light
duty; but not something you'd trust your life with. I'll put them around in places I might want a light, but I'll stick to my
Surefire for serious work, thank you.