Tuesday, May 12, 2009

EDC bag saved the day

My everyday carry bag came in very handy last night.

Someone broke the left windshield wiper of my car. Leaving a car in the streets these days means taking a risk, and these things happen. Either senseless vandalism like this or tires stolen, lights, or of course the entire car.
Anyway, I realized this had occurred when I got into the car and started driving. Since it was raining it became very risky so I pulled over in a place that looked well lit and relatively safe.
Using the small LED headlamp I carry in my everyday carry bag and the Buck multitool, I removed the right windshield wiper and placed it where the left one had been torn, so I could at least manage to see better and get home.
I have another bag in the trunk, but it was nice to fix things without having to go there.
Notice that the headlamp allowed me to work under the hood at night on my own, something I couldn’t have done with a regular flashlight, at least not that fast. So as always, headlamps rule.:)
Getting used to carry a small bag all day is like locking your doors or using the seat belts: Once you get used to it it’s no longer an issue and you just carry it with you all day.


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Anonymous said...

Just wondering...do you get many nosy questions/wisecracks about the bag? If so, how do you brush them off (more worried about the former than the latter, I guess...)

I'm strongly leaning to one myself, but kinda worried about how much it'd stick out. Might be over-thinking and worrying it though. I work with the public enough to know that most people tend to be more SELF centered than concerned about what others around them are doing...