Thursday, May 21, 2009

Denial to the extreme

Woman interviewed on TV this AM.
Living in the southern Bs As suburbs in Isla Maciel ( hell on earth) her daughter got caught in the firefight between two rival drug dealing gangs.

This happened 3 months ago and the 2 year old girl that was playing on the sidewalk ( responsible parents DON’T let kids play on the sidewalks anymore) got shot once in her arm, and another shot went through the arm as well but went through the torso and lungs too.
She arrived to the hospital nearly dead, doctors told the woman there was no hope, but miraculously she survived.
The reporter asks around about what’s life like in Isla Maciel:
Constant gunfighting, even the famous child prostitution industry of the place is going down because of the out of control crime. Criminals say they don’t steal from their own neighbors (supposedly, of course) but a stranger walking or driving in there by mistake has only two choices: Either leave in an ambulance, or if lucky walk out of there butt naked. They’ll even take your clothes.
Now the beautiful part. After the report, after the mother shows the gun shot wounds in her daughter’s body, the reporter asks her if she feels safe, to what she replies with a smile “Oh, yes, I feel safe, in peace. I have faith God will protect us”.
Since when does having faith in God = sticking the head in the sand?
Isn’t denial just wonderful?
The lesson here is: Denial is a survival mechanism. Sheep convincing themselves things are ok doesn't change reality.



Anonymous said...

today, the June 09 edition of
the Smithsonian magazine arrived
with a Glowing article about
Brighter Days in Buenos Aires,
the "Paris" of South America.
obviously, BA is not reflective
of the whole country, or is it?
notably, when reporting on the
Bad Things, it's about Argentina.
for the Good Things, it's all BA
according the the Smithsonian.

FerFAL said...

Yes, here's my comment.

The shanty towns and homeless camps keep growing, more people are poor every year, and every year more kids go hungery or starve to death.
I live in Buenos Aires. I'd say that these days, you have to be an idiot to not see what's going on. Even if you try to stick to the few "nice" places left, this city is a mess, and people get poorer every year.