Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Donations for the poor in Argentina

About donations made for the people in Argentina, I got asked this a few times and looked around. Usually the Catholic church handles things rather well. Its just hard to get to the Fathers that are in the front lines, feeding the poor kids, living in the shanty towns, sometimes threatened by the drug dealers.
Caritas is a good organization as far as I know and they are well organized. Comments regarding good or bad things to say about Caritas are welcomed.

Contact information for Caritas.

Too bad they dont have an English website, but you can even choose what church in what part of the country to send money to, what kind of sector you want to help (kids 1-10 yr old, teen, elder, people making their own orchards, small home based business)

I'd like to mention also, with the crisis came the scam artists. People donating later found that maybe 10% or nothing at all of their donation ended up in the hands of those in need.
The Catholic Church is where I go when I can spare clothes, shoes, toys for the kids, etc. I donate to a samll orphan home nearby and I know it ends up in the hands of people that really need it.


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Anonymous said...

Does this charity work with the Catholic Church; if so, do they delegate money to them?