Saturday, May 30, 2009

More on gear: Flashlights

I found this place that has two things I often look for.

1)VERY cheap prices
2) FREE world delivery

Living in South America the world delivery part is great, and the free pat is even better.
I should mention that unlike the Amazon adds, I have no association of any kind with this website, just thought the prices are great and that lots of you guys such as myself around the world would benefit from it.
I’ll also say, I ordered a couple flashlights but I didn’t have them delivered yet, just ordered yesterday. I’ll make more detailed posts once they get here, so you may want to wait before purchasing anything until I let you know how it worked out for me, if everything went fine, items delivered, quality, etc.
Anyone with experience with this website, please comment.
I ordered a three Cree LED lights. Man, compared to the prices in Argentina, those are just a steal.
The models I ordered are the following:

Akoray Cree Q5-WC 6-Mode Memory 200-Lumen LED Flashlight with Clip (1*AA/1*14500)
Price: $20.89

- Features a CREE XR-E Q5-WC LED emitter
- Powered by 1 x 1.2V/1.5V AA or 1 x 14500 battery
- Input voltage range: 0.7V~4.5V
- 6-mode clicky tailcap switch with mode memory: Hi > Mid > Lo > Strobe > SOS > Slow Strobe
- Mode memory returns the flashlights to the previously usage mode when the light is turned on
- 200 lumens brightness (manufacturer rated)
- 900mA current output digitally regulated driver circuitry
- 1-hour estimated runtime (manufacturer rated)
- Coated glass lens with aluminum textured/OP reflector

I liked the Lumen output. Even though maybe a bit exaggerated, just 150-100 lumens would be great, and it has a medium and low modes.
I think the on/off switch is glow in the dark, but I’m not sure.
Uses common AA batteries.

RC-C3 Cree LED Flashlight Gray (1.3V~4V CR123A)
Price: $13.50

Uses a single 123 battery, small and very bright. Keychain light candidate, but the 123 batteries aren’t that common around here so it’s a weak point during emergencies.

SacredFire NF-007 Cree P4-WC 110-Lumen LED Flashlight (1*AA/1*AAA/1*CR123A)
Price: $10.90

This one I’m pretty excited about. It’s a 10 buck LED Cree light that uses a single 123, AA, or AAA.
During an emergency, you are likely to find at least one of these batteries and that’s just a terrific advantage. The only thing missing is a low lumen output mode so as to use around the house for extended periods of time. Still, if this flashlight works as expected, I’ll be ordering a couple more.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting and answering a longtime question ... why does a Surefire Tactical flashlight cost over $100.00?

Maybe this is one of those "Too good to be true" opportunities, but I'm ordering several myself.

John in Idaho, USA

FerFAL said...

It is, isn’t it? :)
I’ll wait and see if it gets delivered ok, and see if the product is everything they say.
If they deliver a good product to South America for about 10-20 buks without charging shipping, then I'll report recomending them.


Blackeagle said...

I've bought a couple of things from dealextreme before and I've been satisfied. Of course, a $15 flashlight isn't up to the same standards as a Surefire or one of the other, more expensive lights, but they're pretty good for what they are.

The AA/AAA/CR123 light looks interesting. Being able to use any old battery in a SHTF situation would certainly be useful.

Joseph said...

Wow...great prices and specs...I will wait until you evaluate them but they sure sound good.

Bones said...

I've ordered from many times. They're reliable and cheap. The only problems Ive ever had related to US customs holdups and not their fault. Some of the products ARE cheaply made and you get what you pay for. Mostly the price is so low that it doesn't matter. The flashlights are a great deal.

The url you posted doesn't work for me in the US; the "www1" has to be changed to "www" to work. Here's a link that should work in the US:

FerFAL said...

Thanks Bones. I'll change that right away.
Yes, for those that want to wait a bit, I'll be glad to post about which flashlight worked best, or if there was any other problem.


eydaimon said...


Note that the acoray is the same flashlight at this one

also notice the price difference.

Anyway, the clip for the acoray is useless, bent right away, and now just simply doesn't work.

Please give a review of the other flashlights.

FerFAL said...

Also, check this thread at EDC frums:
Seems that some people like it while other's had some problems. Lots of junk, some good stuff, very good prices and irregular customer cervice.
I'll let you know how it worked for me. SO far the flashlights have been packaged, which is good becuase they were in stcok. I also ordered a couple more trinkets.


FerFAL said...

eydaimon, nice find ! Look at how expensive that price is!
They are nuts, and it's the same thing.


eydaimon said...

A note on the customer service at DE. I've been a customer for 3 years or so, and they have showed a decline in customer service. This is most likely due to rapid growth in popularity. You simply can't beat what they sell for the price. There are some killer deals there, but yes, from time to time there are some issues, but I've not had anything major happen.

McClarinJ said...

I'll bet you WILL be associated with this company. They must notice an uptick in sales due to your blog featuring them. I just ordered a couple.

TimP said...

That free postage world wide looks great, especially since I'm in Australia, rather than the US.

I've put an order in for that SharpFire multi-battery torch as well.

Keith C. said...

Very interested in that "battery scrounger special"! Please let us know how it works out for you... or I'll do the same if I can't resist the must... have... versatile... gadget compulsion. ;)

Anonymous said...

I bought a L2D CE and I'm extremely pleased with it. Uses regular batteries and is 154 lumens bright. Don't know why it was discontinued, I want another.

Clark in NC

Anonymous said...

Biggest prob I have had with DealExtreme is product reliability. Their Fauxton lights work fine, but for example, their Cree drop-in for a SF 6P light could not withstand the recoil from even 5 rnds of 12ga #8 low brass birdshot.

I have also read of many folks have probs in getting what they ordered--they get product, just not necessarily what they ordered.

FerFAL said...

After reading several reviews about DealExtreme, I'd say dont spend more than you are willing to loose. If things work out well, then great, but its not a very reliabel service, adn cs is at least very slow.