Monday, May 4, 2009

The country of “we don’t know”

The title is good but it isn’t mine, it’s from a local channel 13 news report.
It clearly explained some of the most evil control mechanism our totalitarian government has been implementing for years.
Instead of truthfully reporting inflation, crime and unemployment, they simply lie about it. They lied beyond logic and go into the land of ridiculous.
During a single month, food goes up 10%, power goes up suddenly 500% and schools and education go up 25%, the government reports an inflation of 0,3%.
Why? Because the ridiculous lie is not a bad idea for a tyrant.
If I lie, you know I’m bullshitting, but at least you don’t know the truth.
If people see in clear numbers how plainly our so called socialist government is actually redistributing the money in the country worse than the most corrupt, wild capitalists did in the 90’s, the lie is evident, but at least it’s not the truth.
“Hey, you sing the socialist song but you are more capitalist than Menem in the 90’s”
“Oh, really how do you know? Give me current redistribution facts”
You can’t because you don’t have them, everything is a mess, the numbers are all cooked and they thrive on this misinformation. Why is this so bad, so terrible and unavoidably leads to disaster?
Because you can’t treat the patient if you don’t know the symptoms, and in our case, our doctor wants the patient to stay sick and weak.
If they stick to their BS 9% unemployment story, while when asking around, you clearly see that at least 25%of the people are without a job, or don’t know what they’ll do for money next week, you can’t fix things. You can’t formulate a plan without an accurate assessment.
In some of the poorest shanty towns, 8 out of 10 people have no work, and work on prostitution and criminal activity. In the Bs As, suburbs, and this is an official statistic so expect it to be much worse in reality, 50% of the male adults within 18-35 years of age are “Paco” addicts. Paco being a worse than crack with a life expectancy of months, Paco addicts are unavoidably linked to extremely violent crime. The only good thing about “paco” is that it kills them rather soon, so its like a self controlled epidemic. There’s no such thing as a “Paco” veteran.
Keep the truth hidden, keep the lies flowing. The same government officials that work in the INDEC coming up with the numbers refuse to keep BS the population? Fine, you just fire the manager and the employees that aren’t loyal to the cause, they did that years ago already, the ex employees come out and tell the truth! They are indeed lying, it is all indeed BS…!!!!
But you don’t know the truth, do you? Oh, that’s their power. :)

“Either I win, or we go back to 2001”

These where Mr. Kirchner’s words during a speech last week, regarding the coming Buenos Aires elections.
“Either I win, or we go back to 2001”. Going back to 2001 for Argentines means going back to anarchy, looting, riots and state siege. We don’t want that, “Oh, I have no other option , I have to vote him, because the alternative is worse”
It also comes out like a threat. I mean, how can he know for sure to make such a statement?
Does it mean that if he looses, he’ll make SURE we go back to 2001?
Guys: Every single dictator did this. Dictators more often than not get voted, ok? They get there manipulating the people, and then spreading their tentacles. The charismatic dictator.
For decades Americans enjoyed the immortal Chuck Norris movies, where the hero comes to one of these south American shitholes and saves some guys, and the movie usually involves a very brutal, very corrupt, very sloppy dictator.
Guys, they aren’t sloppy. They are usually smart, evil and manipulative. Dictators aren’t like what you see in Chuck’s movies, as much as I love Chuck.
They look nice, smart, you believe their BS. They dress neat, have hot and smart wives, they sell you a better future… … hope… change...

Out of control crime

Maybe this is one of the things that pisses me the most. Mostly because it’s as if they laugh at us, the people getting killed on the streets and suffering the crime everyday. It’s one thing to lie about inflation and unemployment (as bad as it is) but their BS regarding crime is an insult to the poor people that are murdered in Buenos Aires everyday.
“FerFAL is full of BS, I checked this chart I found on the net and crime is comparable to NY”
The charts are official INDEC and other gov. statistics. They are all lies. We know they are lies, we know crime is very bad and even downright out of control in many places and these numbers surely don’t reflect the reality.
Everyday, every single day, people around you get robbed and hurt. You see it yourself on the street, you talk about it with the people you come across and friends. It happens all day long.
Even the president’s daughter was involved in a carjack attempt last night.
Well, not her directly, she was inside a friend’s house and they tried to carjack the car from her security detail. You know, the armed guys that carry guns instead of her, but us lowly citizens don’t have the right to carry guns ourselves to protect our lives.
Guess it’s nice to have your own goons.
They ended up in a gun fight, and one of the bad guys was wounded and 2 got caught, 2 others are still loose.
Wouldn’t it have been ironic if fate wanted the girl to be there, catching a bullet and dieing because of the same crime her parents work so hard to promote?



theotherryan said...

Cooked figures are pretty common in politics. My question is if you think they have the real numbers and just adjust them or if they don't have a clue because the system is so broken and then just make the numbers they want.

McClarinJ said...

Thanks for once more showing us our future. You mention that citizens aren't allowed to be armed. Is there a permit process to carry a firearm? Are all firearms banned or just pistols? Are there bans just in cities? What about for hunting en el campo?

Anonymous said...

This practice is institutionalized in the U.S. in one regard -- unemployment figures.

In Europe and elsewhere, when someone has no job and is not disabled, they are categorized as "unemployed."
In the U.S., if you're unemployed for more than 6 or 9 months or something (might even be 18, I can't recall), they stop counting you as an unemployed person. They decide that you've given up on looking for a job(?). So when the official government unemployment figure is at 8%, in reality, 2-4% more people are actually unemployed and competing for the same jobs.

How stupid, right? U.S. officials and proponents love to note the U.S.'s "low unemployment" in relation to other countries. It comes in handy when you want to lambast countries with larger social programs 'that incentivize laziness.'

A good rule of hand is to always be weary of figures, number games. You can find figures to sell anything you want.

Dadjitsu said...

Thank you for the warning. Sadly, I fear it may be too late for the USA. I hope we don't see any more change like you've described.

Dadjitsu said...

Thank you. That post was very deep and thought provoking. I hope the USA doesn't see any more change as you describe. Though I fear it will, and soon.

Hekkup said...

Which leads to think about alternative media, grassroots politics, activism, and things like that. Sure your blog could be categorized as such. But I guess majority doesn't read them. If you clean the upper political layers of honest politicians, there seems to be little hope. Somehow everyone should take care a little bit of the atmosphere. It would be nice to hear your opinions about these things.

herb said...

Ferfal, I thought you'd "enjoy" this short posting in the Atlantic magazine regarding Argentina and credit markets.

herb said...

To the anon who discussed unemployment rates. The US measurement is not accurate, but European countries do the same thing to an even greater extent. Its always and everywhere convenient for politicians to make inflation, crime and unemployment numbers look small.