Friday, May 29, 2009

EDC ( Every Day carry Gear) Forum

EDC Fourms

Skill is important and harder to acquire than buying something over the net, but a certain amount of gear and gadgets are needed, and if you don’t have it nothing in the world will make it appear in your hands when needed the most.
So yes, gear is important, but it also costs money, many times the good stuff isn’t exactly cheap.
Some guys are gadget fanatics but that’s not the idea either. The idea is having what you need, maybe a couple spares when it comes to essential gear and saving as much money as possible.
Instead of just buying everything that looks cool, the smart person will do an amount of research before investing.
Doing the unavoidable google search is the first step, but sometimes there’s too much data.
One of the bet places I found for looking up what’s new and how people are liking it is the EDC forum.
There’s also lots of BOB packs an every day carry gear lists, very entertaining to browse through what other guys are packing.


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