Monday, May 11, 2009

Survival Lessons from the Sarajevo Siege

The Sarajevo Siege was the longest siege in modern warfare, from 1992 to 1996.
The link is full of valuable information, specially the final part with all the photographs and descriptions .
There’s also a link with a mini “Sarajevo Survival guide”
Notice how the basics needs, such as water, food (and means to cook it) , shelter (and heat) and security always seem to be the most important needs no matter what kind of disaster we are talking about.
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Shambhala said...

I dont want to steal your thunder, but I can jot down some things that happened in Nicaragua during the 1980 'revolucion'.

I have bookmarked both of the URLs. Very sad what we do to each other, isnt it?

Anonymous said...

Also, reference to two movies. One is supposed to be based on a true story about the Bosian situation. Saviour and Shot Through the Heart.

Anonymous said...

Stayed up late last night reading up on Sarajevo. So sad.

I took a ride to a wedding some seven years ago with a doctor from Croatia. We rode in a car some 3-4 hours together. He was completely nuts. Told me about how he lived for an indefinite amount of time (in Croatia) during civil unrest hiding under a table in his home waiting to get killed. He said soldiers went home to home tossing grenades in houses and killing the residents. He couldn't get over the mental trauma. It was quite an experience riding in a car with this man. Everything set off his nerves.

As Shambhala said: Sad what we do to each other.