Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Note by FerFAL: I was finishing another post but would like to add something to people linking here from Rawles’s blog, where this comment was made:
I‘m not so optimistic about the larger society, or world in general. Read FerFAL’s blog. [JWR Adds this Proviso: Be advised that there is some crude language at his site, and some anti-Semitic statements.]

So as to clarify any confusions:

1)I sometimes use “crude” language. It’s the language used on the street. The language I often hear and use in the gym when fighting, in close combat classes, shooting classes, etc, at least in South America people occasionally use that kind of language.
My book and blog has a small amount of “crude” language (very small to be honest), used either because it was needed to make a point or tell a story just the way it happened. If that’s not enough, I even gave further explanation of why I use that small amount of crude language in my book’s introduction, commenting that real literature authorities believe "crude" language should be used as well.

2)I don’t know why such a comment was made, but I do not support or believe in anti Semitism or racism in any of it’s forms. It’s not only stupid and illogical its a flawed survival attitude as well. I don’t label people by religion or skin color, I’m mostly well known for my anti-BS statements. Besides, I distrust everyone until proven otherwise.
Just wanted to clarify this point beucase I certainly don’t support any of that.



Anonymous said...

hey FerFal been reading for couple of yrs. now.I most certainly do not remember any "crude or anti-semitic" remarks. Rawls didnt do right by ya on that one. Must be some sort of generic butt covering.Keep up the good work. thks

theotherryan said...

I was surprised by that also. Think I've read through all of your blog posts and can't recall any antisemitism. Since that doesn't really work itself into a post I imagine if it was there I would remember. Maybe it was something in the comments section before you started moderating.

Anonymous said...

JWR thinks he's a really great guy. I tried to read his book (term used loosely) and it's really poorly written. Would be nice if it read more like Boston's Gun Bible b/c some of the technical content is amazing.

Patriots is SO INCREDIBLY FILLED with closed-minded, Jesus-phreak-fundamentalism, it's terrifying. (Blow away bad guys, get on knee and praise Lord...) Fundamentalism in all it's forms is horrible, I don't care if it's based in christianity, islam, judaism (zionism), mormonism, scientology or whatever. I have read most of the the Holy Books in detail. The Christian Bible quotes Jesus saying that men are to love their Lord their God with all their hearts, minds and souls above all things.... the mind being part of that.... meaning they should THINK USING THEIR BRAINS. Ugh. Jesus also said not to judge lest you be judged.

Aaaaaaaaanyhow, where does Rawles get off saying that you are anti-semetic? Incidentally, that's a awful term since there were MANY semitic peoples, not just the jews. Does JWR think you're a judeophobe? Based on what? Have never read an untoward word from you about people unless they were corrupt pols, drugheads or thugs. In those cases, I take your criticisms mostly just as heads-up warnings.

Keep the peace, amigo.

p.s. I have communicated with Rawles a couple of times and I think he is a decent person... one of the good guys. Just having spent part of my youth in the judgmental US South my radar get set off at the first hint of fundamentalism.

Joseph said...

FerFAL, I have read your blog from the first posting to today's posting, and have seen very little crude language and NO anti-semitic remarks.

Anonymous said...

I'm a long-time reader and don't remember reading that could even remotely be construed as an anti-Semitic comment. The only "offensive" post I can think of was the one about how men shouldn't dress too feminine unless they wanted to risk a serious beatdown. And I thought you did a good job presenting that as a matter-of-fact, blunt warning.

Sorry for the bad publicity :(

Jedi said...

I wonder if the anti-Semitic misconception came from your post where you posted the Salbuchi video about the Global Financial Collapse. I couldn't find the post, but I remember someone saying in the comments that SALBUCHI was an anti-Semite.

A couple of people seemed offended that you posted a Salubuchi video, but no one accused you have being an anti-Semite, much less promoting antisemitism.

Shambhala said...

I wonder what that pendejo meant. If I had seen ONE anti-Jew comment from the owner I would have never posted.

cb said...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot...

I have a problem with crude language, but I do realize that there are some people that are very offended by it, so if there's even one crude word on a site, I can understand Rawles giving a warning about that.

"Anti-Semitic statements" though? C'mon. I think Rawles' comments towards atheists and agnostics have been more offensive than anything I've read here. In Rawles' book, the only non-believer ended up "taking Jesus Christ as his lord and savior" towards the end which was completely out of line for the story and seemed, to me anyway, to be a slight at the character and those like him.

Have you spoken with Rawles about this?

Henry said...

Rawles got it wrong. I've read every post from when you started this blog and have not seen you write anything that could even be mistaken as "anti-Semitic."

That's the kind claim or assertion a writer should thoroughly check before attributing it to someone. It'd be appropriate for Rawles to prominently post a correction on his blog.

Kelly said...

I was surprised by Rawles's comment, too. I have not seen anything anti-Semitic on your website, and as for crude language, it is slight and it is not used gratuitously. On the other hand, despite the useful information I find on Rawles's site, he is often self-righteous, sanctimonious, and judgmental to a degree unbecoming in such a vocal "Christian."

FerFAL said...

"Have you spoken with Rawles about this?"

No, and it’s a pity because we’ve exchanged emails before with utmost respect for each other, in spite of a couple differences we have regarding survival philosophies.
I know he’s a smart man and if he wrote what he did, he did so for a reason, he didn’t just say so because he had nothing better to do with his time.
Since of course, there’s not a single anti-Semite statement in my blog, I don’t think I should explain myself to him because of his false accusation. I just want people to know that what he said isn't true.
Those of you that read the entire blog know that, but those that didn’t may believe what Rawles wrote.


Anonymous said...

I saw the Salbuchi video on a site called thecomingdepression.blogspot.com
i had no idea of the background of the producer of that video. I only found out after i had forwarded it when i read his google description. So it was not ferfal's fault as i forwarded it to him and i myself had no idea of that guy's political leanings. I noticed he was from argentina, that's all!

Someone You Know said...

FerFAL's New and Old Readers,

I have found "Surviving In Argentina" a very useful blog for information in preparing for an economic crisis. FerFAL has first-hand insight/experiences that many readers can use in their economic crisis preparations.

I have never read an anti-semitic comment by FerFAL and can recommend his blog as a recommened read because I do read him, at least once a week.

Someone You Know

josh said...

Hi FerFal,I believe there is a certain jealousy[when you have been sincerely trying to help]by others whose motivation is more ego and profit oriented who feeling"threatened" and have to resort to such tactics.The only crudity+ bias I see is coming from outside this blog.Josh