Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Ayoob files: when your gun jams in a firefight - Massad Ayoob

Very good read, the Ayoob files has several real world cases of people messing up at the worst moment.
I loved the part of the guy that, when asked if he trained with his firearm he complained "I'm not Rambo!". I would have asked, why then did he carry a weapon if he wasn't planning on training with it?!

Again, good read adn some common mystakes.

The Ayoob files: when your gun jams in a firefight - Massad Ayoob



Pitt said...

I've read everything Mas Ayoob has written over the last 20yrs and I have always found him to be right on point.

I recently switched my EDC carry gun from a Glock 19 to the Ruger SR-9 because I too was one of those Glock owners who couldn't get comfortable with the idea of carrying my G19 with a loaded chamber. I wish Glock offered safeties on their guns.

I haven't touched my Glocks in the gunsafe since I got by SR-9. I have no fear of carrying it with a hot chamber and I really like it a lot.

Someone on Glocktalk made the comment that if you aren't comfortable carrying your defensive pistol with a loaded chamber, you are either carrying the wrong gun or you shouldn't be carrying a gun at all.

I think he may be right.

Don Williams said...

Sounds like Amy Bishop didn't take the Ayoob course:


Note the combat reactions of 11 professors across the table from her.

Don Williams said...

PS Police report that the pistol Amy Bishop had was a 9mm and one report says it had a 16 round magazine.

But , as usual, the News Media fails to acquire the most important fact: the manufacturer of the Jam-o-matic.

Any bets? Glock? Sig? Beretta?

Anybody want to reopen the Revolver vs Automatic debate from a few days ago?

recon said...

all good points. but i feel that carrying one gun is almost too much, i just cant see carrying two. personally.

Dorcas' Daddy said...


Polite question--do you censor unfavorable comments? I left a criticism of your "glocks are awesome" post, favoring revolvers, and it never got posted.

Mistake or do you screen out opposing views?

FerFAL said...

Hi Dorca, was your comment the one that said that my post was ridiculous, that autos jam all the time and revolvers are best?
I really don’t have patience for people telling me that my opinion is ridiculous.
You can explain your reasons for thinking differently without calling mine ridiculous.
No, I don’t "screen out opposing views", read the comments and you'll find more than enough of them. I just expect a minimum amount of courtesy, that’s all.


Anonymous said...

I, too, have read everything Mas has written. His "Ayoob Files" details lots of valuable info. There I learned that my Browning Hi-power is known to jam if 13 rds are carried in the mag;he said pros carry only 12 and described a really unfortunate homeowner. Book is worth getting, summarizes his important American Handgunner columns.

I usually carry the HK P7 PSP, arguably the safest carry pistol. 8+1 is ok by me. I do like my 1911 when at home.

I'd like to carry a compact .45 and have been looking fora G30 (noted elsewhere) but do have reservations about it, though I'd carry it OWB.


Dorcas' Daddy said...

Was it a translation issue? Either way, I strenuously disagreed, but no disrespect intended, I apologize if it read harsher than I meant it.

FerFAL said...

No problem Dorcas' Daddy, really we all have our days. ;-)


Uncle George said...

If you don't practice how to deal the various jam or feed problems, you will be helpless if it happens in a real situation.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to prove how 80 year old grandma mindsets aren't the only people who should be handed a revolver instead of an automatic pistol.