Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glock 32 mags

I found this video that explains a problem with the magazines issued with some Glock 32s.
Notice also how the mags (as usual) are the main cause of malfunction in auto pistols.
The 357 SIG is extremely reliable, the handgun cartridge that feeds better thanks to its bottle shaped case, but it of course needs mags that work properly. If you have these mags, test them well so as to avoid future problems.



EN said...

I etch all my mags with a number. The number of the mag is noted during any failures to feed. I've not had a single failure to feed with .45 XDs (six total weapons of different configurations) but have had plenty with Hi Powers and 1911s. The mags are almost always the culprit. A friend has an XD tactical in .40 S&W. He's had some failure and after marking the mags sure enough, one Mag (he only has four) was causing all the failures.

Anonymous said...

The problem is Only with the GLOCK 32's?

I've seen GLOCK 31 mags with the number two on them and the same stick-up-pointy follower as what the GLOCK 32's had.

Uncle George said...

I have no problems with the mags in my Glock 32. We practice reloading while shooting and drop the mags on the cement floor of the range weekly - no problems with any of my mags.

Pitt said...

I've had no problems with any of my Glock mags, but my G32 has a dissambly lever that is getting stuck and allowing the slide to come off the frame when I draw the gun. I appears the spring to the takedown lever is weak.

I'm waiting on parts to do the repair.