Monday, February 15, 2010

If a new glock isnt an option‏

Hi Ferfal. I've been following your blog for some time. I understand your preferance for Glocks but here's my dilema. I live in Massachusetts where new Glocks are not available. The only Glocks that can be bought are those that were in the state before October 1998.

That means that any Glock that is available is at least 12 years old. If the frame cracks (unlikley, I know), Glock cannot rplace it with a new frame because that would make it a post 1998 Glock. Thus illegal in Massachusetts.

So my question is this. Is it better for me to get a 12 year old Glock, most of them being in .40. Or but a similar striker fired pistol brand new with warranty. (i.e. smith&wesson sigma, M&P etc.) Personally I've been carrying a beretta 92fs. I can buy them new, and it's what Im used to carrying in the army. There's loads of parts and accessories for them. Becaue they are approved, I can get a new frame if it cracked, unlike Glock. Let me know what you think. -Justin

Hi,I wouldn't be that concerned if you found a used one in good condition. Frame cracking? Really, not that likely at all, even on old ones.

Sigmas? No way, STAY AWAY FROM SIGMAS ( please guys, dont email me about how much you love your Sigma, for every one of you theres 10 that had to exorcise the thing and it still wouldn't work) Even here in South America used Sigmas sell for cheap because they are considered poorly made guns. New ones may be better, my advice is just dont risk it.

The Springfield XD are supposed to be pretty good. No personal experience with them but their supposed to be almost as good as the gun they copy (the Glock :-) ) acording to most reports.

I dont like Berettas much, but of the ones I owned the one I liked the most was a Centurion DAO ( double action only) that has no safeties. It was overall a good firearm and has the same operational advantages as the Glock. That's the Beretta I'd carry if I had to go for that brand.

So, try finidng a good Glock, if not a Springfield XD, and for Beretta, at least in my opinion, the Beretta Centurion DAO ( LAPD)is the best alternative.



Anonymous said...

Curious, why can't you have glocks in Mass.?

Matilda said...

A 92 is a great choice for someone used to an M9. A good gun is one you can function after being hit hard in the head with a phone book. Muscle memory wins every time.

Bones said...

Why not keep carrying the FS92? They're robust, DA/SA, accurate and you're familiar with the manual of arms? As you mention there's plenty of accessories available. The only drawback is they're rather large and heavy.

kirit said...

I don't offense to ferfal but you served in the military and I assume you have been deployed so why are you asking ferfal for advice when it comes to firearms? I would assume you have used firearms much more than him in Argentina.

Anonymous said...

92 is a great weapon.

The SD is a great shooter.

Both as comfortable as anything. Both great choices.

The bad choice is not training enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ferfal,

I read your blog and enjoy your stuff, here is something about GOvernment credibility

More later...


Anonymous said...

I purchased an XD in 45 ACP last year. I am not really familiar with Glock but I love the XD, great feel in the hand and very accurate for me. I also have a very nice Colt 1911 model but the XD is a much better pistol. The XD in 45 normally holds 13 rounds but in CA you are limited to 10 round magazines. Most important for me are the extra safety features since I keep a loaded magazine in it at all times in the house. The XD has a grip safety in addition to the trigger safety. It also has a visible and tactile 'cocked' indicator, a pin that protrudes from the back of slide when action is cocked. Another physical indicator on top of the slide tells you whether a round is in the chamber or not. These features allow me to feel very comfortable with a 'loaded' gun around.

CapnRick said...

Here is an article entitled: The Best 9mm Pistol

A clue: The article states that the Glock is the Gold Standard against which all 9mm must be judged.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, man...

#1 - Get the hell out of Massachusetts.

#2 - Stay the hell out of Massachusetts.

#3 - Go buy the firarms you NEED.


Loyalist said...

You CAN indeed buy new (gen 3, gen 4) Glocks in Massachusetts via face-to-face (FA-10) transactions - so if that's what you want just troll the classifieds...or you can buy a pre-October 21, 1998 Glock from a Massachusetts FFL dealer.

Anonymous said...

I also live in MA which has the most complex and illogical gun laws in U.S. Too complicated to go into but basically, manufacturers must submit guns to state to be verified and tested. Basically, only guns manufactured before 1998, if not certified, are saleable UNLESS you are an LEO or unless you by from a private individual. In some cases, you need to prove that you bot the gun before 1998 in MA. Also, there's a 10 rd magazine limit. You also can't buy ammo from out of state. I've been trying to buy a certain Glock for months privately and have missed several. Terrible state for self defense, laws made by idiots.


Don said...

J&G Sales has some FM Hi Powers. As I recall, that pistol has been reviewed well here several times.

Just FYI. I should probably pick on up. The 'excellent' grade looks quite nice.

Anonymous said...

I vote for CZ P-01...awesome gun 1500 rounds no problems.

Aries144 said...

I really liked my XD, but actually switched to a Glock 19 to get better parts and holster availability. There are also complaints about the XD because of the grip safety with one-handed (one hand is shot/injured) manipulation drills. You can't rack the slide unless the grip safety is depressed.

Be aware that the only Glocks that are routinely critisized are the .40 caliber ones. Something about the rails on the frame being more prone to failure because they weren't sufficiently improved when they designed the .40 based on the 9mm frame.

Everything I've heard about the new Smith and Wesson M&P series has been good. It looks to be shaping up to be a major Glock competitor- more so than the XD.

In your shoes, I'd definately go with an M&P.

Joe said...

If I lived in Mass. I'd definitely go for the Smith M&P. Smith & Wesson is located in Massand is a major employer. The Mass gov is not likely to outlaw them or regulate them to death (compared to brands not made in Mass) and then lose all the tax $$$ and jobs. Parts & repairs are readily available there and the S&W Shooting Accademy is one of the best there is for training.

Loyalist said...

You CAN possess hi-cap mags (> 10 rounds) in Massachusetts if they are pre-ban (pre-October 21, 1998) and you have a Massachusetts Class A Large Capacity License to Carry Firearms license.

Anonymous said...

True about the MA hi cap mags;didn't want to get too technical for the troops here. The reality is that finding private classifieds in MA for anything you want is a real pain.


Kenneth said...

Used Glocks in very good condition do show up in Massachusetts gun stores fairly regularly and, as others have stated, private face-to-face sales are possible.

G17s and G22s are the most common models showing up in stores. Recently, new, unissued G22s from the Detroit Police Department (so marked) have been on the shelves in gun stores. Personally, I would not recommend any Glock in .40 cal. Compact Glocks are much more rare in Massachusetts and command a premium price.

S&W M&Ps are fine guns and are readily available. Also, many Sig Arms models are legal for sale in Massachusetts. Though they are, of course, quite expensive compared to Glocks.

Anonymous said...

Well said Don - Argentine FM is a fine choice. Nutnfancy, just a good shooting pistol. I've read some past Ferfal comments about them as well.

I can definitely give a +1 on the FM Argentine Hi-Power - excellent 9mm pistol, and the Browning design is common the world over - finding parts on any continent would not be a huge problem.

A CZ 75 as well would not be bad at all either.

Anonymous said...

Yes, buying a G30 in MA for $800. that would be $550. in another state is a travesty, even if you can find it.

MA gun shops I frequent have few Glocks.

Lots of used .40's, though. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

XD, SR9, M&P, Ber 92/M9, Glock, High Power, 1911 can all be fine... but only with enough training.

What works for one may work differently (better or worse) for another.

Find what YOU are comfortable with and then practice as much as you can, daily, weekly, monthly... when time allows. Practice in your head, visualize, read, train. Be serious, vigilant and ready. You or your family may require every bit of training.


Anonymous said...

Just an update....I finally got a used glock 19! Thanks, Im happy with it and can see the advantages.

Anonymous said...

great deal on used glocks in mass.

@ Loyalist - any dealer that sells or transfers a new glock to a mass resident will get 10 years mandatory in prison.