Friday, February 12, 2010

"Ferfal's Modern Survival Manual" Facebook and trip to USA.

Thanks a lot to Chris for creating the account. Here's the link: FerFAL's Modern Survival Manual
Not very Facebook savvy but I’ll eventually post pics and video clips regarding both the blog and GTA.
It will also be a tool for promotions for interviews and such.

Nothing 100% sure yet, still figuring out different things to do and schedules but there’s a chance I’ll be traveling to USA in April for a couple weeks.
The idea is to do as many things as possible, meet up with as many people as I can, organizing book signings as well.

As of right now I’m going first to Texas and then going west to California. Facebook will also help to organize and see which places are most convenient for the greater amount of people.

Looking forward to meeting you guys!



Anonymous said...

You have a friend in Boston should you make it out here!


KeithC said...

Ditto in Colorado. My family is coming down to Texas but in June. If you swing up north before then, though, post and I'll be glad to take you shooting. :)

Anonymous said...

isn't 80% of the US population
East of the Mississippi River?
might want to try to get to
the geographic middle of that
area. maybe...Virginia?

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles?

Anonymous said...

What items would you most like to bring back to Argentina?

I don't recall any descriptions of shortages of food items, day-to-day stuff, or other products on shelves on a regular basis. I imagine there's "stuff" there, it's just expensive, too expensive.

What item do you have the least of, and the greatest need or want of?

DaShui said...

Please consider coming to Mississippi (the state, not the river) for a couple of days.
Of course, you will not have to pay for your hotel and meals while you are here.

Uncle George said...

If you are going to be in Albuquerque, New Mexico I would like to see you.

Uncle George

penna64 said...

Canadian here,

First...thank you for your blog.

Second...I am eager for your thoughts of your trip. I have had a few family members head to Florida and many friends head to Minnesota for shopping this past year. They have had a superb time.

I guess I am expecting myself to see through your eyes when you do your tour. My friends and family think I am "unusual" when I mention how things are not what they think.

Our town of 3500 just got robbed at the bottle recycling depot last week. They took almost $3000. in beer can's (went right through the wall like you mentioned). When I talked to the owner, he even had the language of the body I never seen from him before that this is just the beginning.

Take care dude...(looooove your blog!!!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, everyone wants you! If you have time, San Jose/Los Gatos/Saratoga would love to have you visit.