Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

Mi cousin is living there in Santiago. They got hit by an 8.8 quake.
They live in a newish apartment that withstood the quake.
I just got off the phone, my grandmother told me that they are ok, but as of now there's no phones, no power or gas and they are checking the structural damage in the buildings.
At 3.30 AM they heard the windows breaking, their daughter woke up crying (the baby slept through it all) the appliances and everything loose fell, and even thier bead moved around.
The building being new was quake proof, but they are pretty scared  since the ground still moves every now and then.
Seems highways collapsed, pretty big earthquake.
Just another example guys of why preparedness is so important and how having the basics covers most of these events.
Worst case scenario: My cousin can just move back to Argentina. She still has her apartment and can stay in my aunt's house in the meantime.
Plan B location away from the mess beats 100 fully stocked forts all day.

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BulgarWheat said...

I've been worried about you, Ferfal! I'd heard that there was also a 6.0 EQ in Argentina on top of the Chilean EQ today.

I'm just glad to hear that you and your family are doing well.

Take care, Ferfal

FerFAL said...

We're ok. There were 3 dead in Salta , and some very minor movement in Bs As, supposedly. Didn't feel a thing here. They say that when this happens sometimes on the higher buildings in Buenos Aires you can feel some movement. I wouldn't know.
Hope notihng bad happens in Hawai


DaddyBear said...

Good news that your cousin and her family are OK.

My wife has looked at this situation, and Haiti and it has motivated her to begin preparing our home for disasters in earnest. Like they say, it's an ill wind that blows no good.

Shambhala said...

Yeah. Argentina got hit too. That's 3 earthquakes in 2 days (Japan, Chile, Argentina)

BulgarWheat said...


everything happening has been mentioned in a book that's been around for quite some time. The Bible.

It is just as important to have one's relationship with GOD in order as it is to be prepared for what the turbulent times are going to bring.

Gird up. I pray it is not so, but it could be that we are beginning to see the "birth paigns" that are described in THE BOOK.

I'm glad that you and your family are doing well.

Lamb said...

I thought of you today as well, Ferfal. Glad you and yours made it through unscathed.
Watch out for aftershocks, even there in Argentina, though. They can sometimes be stronger and/or do more damage than the initial quake.

I have been wandering around the web today, mainly into forums and discussion groups that are concerned with geology and tectonic plate movement...mainly of these highly educated folks take the *pole shift* theory damn seriously.And some believe we may see it occur within the next 50 years. Afew are proponents of the *fast pole shift* theorems, in which it is stated that a massive pole shift could occur in as short as ten years. It may have happened in the past, so they say. Most are cautioning against visiting any area that has active or near-active volcanos, as they suspect we are overdue for one to *burp*...the volcanic activity can be put on the fast track by earthquake activity.
All in all...we are getting some warning signs ...I hope everyone heeds them.

Canis Lupus said...

Darwin stroke again in France too !

People living in aeras below sea level have been kinda trapped by the sea water coming from a breech in a dyke while they were sleeping.
They should have had flood alarm...
And some people died of carbon monoxide poisoning when using generator.

About Chile, there has been looting going on today because people were hungry. What about BOB, people ??? Here in France the authorities are promoting the Catakit which is really a BOB.

Keep the good stuff coming, I'm reading your book one more time, always inspiring !

Canis Lupus

gaga said...

"Yeah. Argentina got hit too. That's 3 earthquakes in 2 days (Japan, Chile, Argentina)"

There is a strong scientific argument that they are related, although it doesn't take a scientist to realise that shaking one pile of rocks could set off another pile.

"mainly of these highly educated folks take the *pole shift* theory damn seriously."
Its not a theory, the evidence is solid in the geological record of the pole flipping. Plus, the magnetic pole is and has been moving for a very long time - its shift is part of the calculation of where true north is when using a compass.