Thursday, February 4, 2010

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Good comments there guys thanks.
+1000 on store what you eat. That’s another reason why I recommend buying ordinary supermarket store food that has long shelf life but its still common stuff our kids ands ourselves already eat.

About mercury, tuna and seafood.
The FDA recommends up to 12 ounces (2 average meals) of low mercury fish ( canned tuna) per week.
I’d say this is EXTREMLY conservative given that in some places people eat all kinds of fish on daily basis.

I’m just back from Barcelona, Fish is pretty much all they eat there. Didn’t see a disproportionate amount of people with three legs or two heads, but they do have higher mercury levels in general.
Now, lets be honest here as well. In spite of that higher mercury level, if you compare the population of Barcelona to Orlando for example, I’d say that in Barcelona people clearly have a healthier diet.
No use in going nuts about fish and then stuffing your face with junk food full of hydrogenated fat and sugar.
In Galicia where my family is from, eating “Cazuela” is almost a religious matter. Again, people looked pretty healthy there too.
Light canned tuna, you can eat 200 gr. per week. In my family a tuna pie has mostly vegetables and a small can of 150 g. That’s 150 gr divided 4. So there’s no risk in eating that kind of tuna pie 3 or 4 times a week.
Best thing to do is have a well balanced diet. Just like everything else, excess (of anything) is bad. Heck people, to much water is fatal as well as a death no long ago in a water drinking contest proved.
And when in doubt, go for some salmon or cazuela over saturated fat burgers and fries. :-)



Anonymous said...


This is a great quick site to evaluate your (kids') mercury fish intake. I'm not sure it's a real concern to people who are say, 40 or older, unless you eat the wrong fish daily.


Bones said...

Choices: Eat tuna with it's high quality protein and good fats than starve to death. Here in the US I've seen it for $0.75 for a normal small can. Very cheap and the kids will eat it - what's not to like?

Anonymous said...

Ferfal, one thing you might want to mention to your readers is that mercury detoxification can be expedited with regular but carefully limited consumption of brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are widely available (at least here in the US). Brazil nuts have very high selenium levels, which bonds with mercury and allows your body to discharge it from the body. However selenium can be toxic when overconsumed, personally I limit my intake of brazil nuts to 1/4 a nut every two days. This should be more than adequate.

chinasyndrome said...

Good points as always.I'm wondering if a lot of what us Americans store is really gonna be eaten?

Don Williams said...

Ferfal, a news report from here in the USA:

"GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- A 4-year-old boy abducted by masked men from a Mableton trailer park was reunited with his mother Thursday night.

Christian Guevera was found safe and sound at an apartment complex in Gwinnett County Thursday afternoon. Gwinnett County's SWAT team went to the Madison Ridge Apartments at 1121 Indian Trail after US Marshals received information the child was at the location. ...

...The boy's mother told police that two men wearing ski masks tasered her, tied her up and took the child Thursday morning....

...11Alive's Jaye Watson talked to the boy's grandfather, who said the two men who took the child demanded $1,000 to return the child.

Another relative told reporters the boy's father died in a motor vehicle crash and the mother recently received an insurance settlement. The relative said the mother recently started dating another man and that boyfriend told the suspects about the inheritance."


Don Williams said...

Another example of kidnapping for ransom here in the USA:

"SAN ANTONIO -- Two men have been arrested in connection with a kidnapping scheme that involved holding construction workers hostage for a huge ransom, police said...
...Police said the victims were taken hostage to extract ransom money from their boss, who is a contractor.

Investigators say the workers are building a hotel in San Antonio. The suspects somehow gained knowledge that a significant pay day was about to occur."


Don Williams said...

Example 3 of recent kidnapping for ransom in the USA-- this time near McAllen Texas:

"EDINBURG — An undocumented immigrant accused of kidnapping a Mission woman and holding her for ransom pleaded guilty to aggravated kidnapping charges Jan. 15.

Javier Vereozo Ortiz was sentenced to four years in prison as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Investigators alleged Vereozo and another man — Roberto Jaico — took the woman from her home, held her for four days and demanded a $500,000 ransom from her family before releasing her unharmed."

Anonymous said...

Regarding Mercury:

The symptoms of mercury poisoning are hair loss and memory loss, not "three legs or two heads", so I guess the question is did you see a lot of bald guys (or women) or notice people forgetting stuff?

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nice info..

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