Wednesday, February 10, 2010

basic equipment - pocket knives‏

Sir, just as a "heads up" that there are few if any of the Boy Scout style pocket knives still made. I usually carry a folding tactical clipped in one front pocket and a Boy Scout knife in the other. I suppose they are no longer in demand because of multi-tools and Swiss Army style knives, but I consider the well made Boy Scout style knives a joy to use. The internet has them for around $90-100, but they can be had at gun/knife shows used for around $20. Get yours now while they are still available.
Thank you for your book. I like the "been there, done that" perspective.
CG in North Carolina

Hello kind Sir,

I’m a bit of a romantic myself and snatched a nice Cub Scout knife made by Camillus from Ebay a couple years ago.

I don’t carry it since these days my left pocket has my Cold Steel “El Hombre”(older version of the  “Vaquero”)  folder, and on the front right pocket I have a Leatherman Charge Tti which can perform more tasks.
I carry the Zippo pictured on the left front pocket, and religiously keep it fueled. There are more practical lighters, but I doubt they’d bring me as much luck, so I allow myself at least this one non rationalized treat. :-)

As you well say, the old Boy Scout knives are pretty practical. The one I have has the brass locks, which I’ve learned after reading some that shouldn’t be relied much upon.
The steel in that little knife is simply excellent and easily sharpens to a hair shaving edge.
As you well put it “ A joy to use”.



EN said...

I cut my teeth on Boy Scout knives, but let's face it. Multi tools and Swiss army type knives are every bit as good and mostly better. I understand the allure of the old, but having carried a pocket knife for fifty years I know the difference.

Unknown said...

I still have a Boy Scout knife from 'back in the day'. Don't think it cost $20 new but that was awhile back. Multi tools and easy open knives have sort of killed their market.

Idahoser said...

can't have too many knives. Should be at least one in each kit, be it survival, first aid, bugout, whatever. Along with a fire starter (magnesium block with flint insert, like what they have been abusing on Survivor for years)

Anonymous said...

Remember in Scouts a guy had his knife so sharp... I really couldn't believe how darn sharp he got the thing. He literally shaved with it.

Steve Janoski said...

I like old school pocketknives. I still carry a single blade buck knife... I cant be bothered carrying a leatherman when I don't need it... well, ever. It stays in the car, so I've got it, but I carry a real pocketknife.