Friday, February 12, 2010

Poisoned Dogs

Today again, a robbery was perpetuated after poisoning the dogs inside the house.
I’ve once told how all the dogs in my friend’s farm were poisoned as well to facilitate robberies.

The family that got hit today had two dogs, one that ate anything and another one that only ate dog food. The one that only ate dog food survived, the other one ate the poisoned grounded meat.

Train your dog so that it only eats out of one place, preferably train them so that they only eat when you feed them and keep the feeding plates well out of reach so that it would be impossible for a bad guy to reach it and poison it.

Don’t forget about water either.



Anonymous said...

That is hardcore. Lots of time involved with this for the robbers it seems. I wonder why they don't just shoot the dogs, the robbers must be poor? Or I suppose bullets are more expensive and hard to get than poison...

Real dogs need something to stop this... that's a Grab The Apple opportunity? A sensor of some type on a collar? The possibilities... ZAP! "don't drink/eat" classic conditioning? Idk.
Dog-camera-packs with remote triggered pepper spray? Idk.

I did a quick search on RoboDog:

Real dogs are so much better company than RoboDog, and you can't use a RoboDog as a last resort food supply.

This picture of a RoboDog-of-Flame-O-cycle is kind of funny:

It just needs a bullet proof operator bubble... oh, wait, this might be a bad thing...

Uncle George said...

All security measures have vulnerabilities Alarm systems can be bypassed or hacked. A disgruntled former employee of the alarm company usually knows how to disable alarms of the company's customers.

Locks can be picked and safes can be cracked or just drilled. Doors and windows can be broken through.

Dogs have their weak points also, as has been shown in this topic. Even the best trained dogs might be susceptible to a poisoned hot dog or some other treat, depending on their hunger, their mood, the attractiveness of the treat, etc. Remember that dogs, like humans, do not always behave in the way they have been taught. How many times have we seen our well trained dogs just do something they know to be forbidden? That cringing when you arrive home is the give away. Children act in the same way and we adults sometimes do things we know we shouldn't.

Training and vigilance are our best course of action to try and protect our dogs from such a horrendous scenario.

Just_In_Case_The_SHTF said...

Technology-based burglar alarms also have weak points that need to be addressed.

Some burglar alarms only run on AC power, for example. If the crooks pull the main power switch to your home, your alarm won't go off when they break in.

One possible solution for this is to have a burglar alarm that is backed up with a rechargeable battery just in case AC power is lost during the break in.

Anonymous said...

I have three large indoor dogs. They would have to break in to poison the dogs.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 6:47 AM... protected against gas too? Liquids... through a key hole? From under a door? Down a chiminey or stove vent? Would that be too extreme for a criminal to go through?

I've been meaning to post the link for awhile now to a story about somewhere (Arizona?) criminalizing adding anything to door security beyond a dead-bolt lock, I've lost track of it since then... They say it's for the Drug War, but that kind of stuff always gets expanded.

There are probably quite a number of houses with those fancy expensive built in security doors that are ripe for being fined, taxed and regulated for extra State revenue.

I was thinking laws against adding extra security to a door might also apply to the security systems like pepper spray defense mounted onto a window or door. Having a big dog can't be far behind on the outlaw list? Or dogs will be taxed too high to have... I imagine if they had dog tag requirements in the capital city BS., very few would pay it, or be able to, especially on the bottom of the income scale. Poor people don't have dogs there? No problems with strays either, I'll bet.

In Argentina do they make laws "intending" to help the security of people, but only do the opposite? I mean, other than the financial shenanigans and gun restrictions.

Pitt said...

Poison prooffing your dog isn't that hard.

1. Chop up some tasty meat.

2. Place on aluminum foil

3. Electrify the foil with a car charger

4. Let Killer out in the yard to do his business.

5. Wait for him to find the meat and attempt to eat it. Wait for the tonue taser to do its work.

Take Killer back inside the house (after you catch him).
Move the meat to a new location and repeat the process about an hour later (so the dog has had time to forget the first lesson).

If you get creative with the scenario, he will learn to only take food from his own bowl.

Ivan said...

I do believe that this is an original idea, at least as far as I know:

I thought up of a device that integrates a montion sensore (could be solar powered) that instead of lighting up the area will sound a "dog whistle" inaudible to humans... this can be used to protect a large where compund where the dogs (hounds) may not hear a twig craking under an intruder if it happens on the far end.

pretty simple, I'm sure that existing solar charged security lights can be modified with oscilators to achieve this function. perhaps a sensor back at the compound can also detect these signals and sound an alert indoors so proactive action can be taken.