Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Questions about Argentina‏

Thanks so much for the information. Sorry, but I do have one other question. I noticed in one of your posts you mentioned that two of your tenants in an apartment you let out were psychologists or therapists or something of that nature. Do people in Argentina actually pay for therapy in a time of economic collapse? I guess what I'm asking is whether or not it's a good career, and whether or not it would be as good as something like the medical positions I described in my first email. Thanks so much for all the help. Your experiences are invaluable to folks like myself who have never experienced a day of hunger or poverty. Again, be safe.


Hi Jay, Thank God we've never experienced poverty as we see it here or hunger either. We've been through some times when we barely made it to the end of the month, but we've always managed and never experienced hunger or other needs either.

There's people still that have to lie to their kids about dinner being ready and just hopeing for them to fall asleep, parents that tell their kids they are not feeling well or that they already ate a big sandwich somewhere else, so as to leave the little food they have for them.
 25 kids (official numbers)here in Argentina die per day of starvation before they turn 1 year old.
And you dont have to go far away to see it. You simply have to not look away as you walk around the streets of th nice parts of Buenos Aires, and see these people begging or eating out of the trash.
Those pretty spots around down town, where some people have a great time and comment about how awesome Argentine lifestyle is and how cheap and good restaurants are. Care to look down at your feet, and you'll see them there sitting on a piece of cardboard, or eating out of the garbage bag.

About therapy, yes! Its gone up a lot. Being a doctor or specialized nurse may
But thereapy patients went up 40% after 2002 ( in spite of being the worst financial year anyone can remember) and it went up another 50% in 2003.
Since 2001 to 2009 its been growing steadily, we now have a world record of 145 
psychiatrist per 100.000 inhabitants.
Check this out: Its GDP Is Depressed, but Argentina Leads World in Shrinks Per Capita



Twinedog said...

wow that's crazy that therapy became that much more valuable.

it sort of makes me wonder how bad it really is. I feel like if things were "really" bad no one would have money for therapy. But I guess it must be the middle class opting for therapy instead of expensive vacations and other luxury items.

Anonymous said...

Having 4 kids is my largest motivation for prepping. I don't want to ever have to hear my kids crying because of no food..

Anonymous said...

I imagine you have charity from churches in Argentina, how effective are they? Are the majority of people who starve totally disconnected from organized chuches?
Does your gov. give out welfare of any kind? Soup lines or food stamp type of efforts?
Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

That makes perfect sense.

People use food, movies, newspapers, politics, drugs and violence to escape their problems.

Now with the amount of violence in the streets and lack of activities to cover up their inner misery they turn to shrinks. Which is great cause at least they aren't covering up the symptoms and ignoring the disease.

I've always thought psychologists were too expensive and underutilized in first world nations.

FerFAL said...

Here sesisons could go down to 30 pesos or so, that's less 9 dollars per sesion.
Theraphy went up a lot, but of course prices had to adjust to what people could afford, and besides any 1/2 good health coverage would include a few yearly theraphy sessions.