Monday, June 7, 2010

Book back in stock in Amazon

My book, “The Modern Survival Manual”, was Out of Stock in Amazon these last few days.
This was due to a new file I uploaded, and until the proof copy is checked I couldn't authorize it for sale, and what was in stock only lasted acouple days.

I uploaded a new file, same edition but with the typo errors and spelling mistakes fixed (which was the only criticism ever made to my book, so now its perfect. oh, such humbleness :-)  )

Remeber to catch the Interview today at 6:55 PM EDT  at AR15.COM  
 This interview went much better than the last one I did, the guy was more into preparedness so it turned out more interesting for like minded people. As always, if theres any questions or comments after listening to it, feel free to post comments and questions here, I'll check them after the interview is aired.

Take care guys,



RM said...

Aww, I felt the misspellings and strange English gave it your unique personality. Fix that and it'll just be like so many other books.

Gene said...

enjoyed the interview on Can you tell me why you prefer the 9mm over 45. thanks.