Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reply: Bows and crossbows‏

Blogger  Thanks Maldek for the reply. Indeed, if you guys are in Germany, make the extra effort and get the gun. If all you have to do is join a hunting club take it as a bonus! I'll learning some good skills as well as working your way towards true security independance. 

Maldek said...
Hi Isolde, is it possible (your name) you are living in the german speaking part of europe per chance? If this is the case i may know exactly where you come from :P I too found it once a) tiresome b) expensive c) overly bureaucraty and a general pain in the back side to apply for a gun permission. (NOT a carry permit mind you just so you can have the gun in your own house AND bureaucrats may come to your home - without notice - to inspect if your gun is kept in a proper gun save and seperated from amno. Never mind loaded! Faiure to do so will have the gun(s) confiscated right away! So i went ahead and bought a fine x-bow. Did buy hunting arrow heads as well, razor sharp bladed type. However these are illegal careful. Here is my experience with the weapon: 1) Range is good. 2) Point blank shot works Even without scope you will be able to hit what you target. Needs only minor training at close to medium range. BUT The reload is a PAIN. I am a male, perhaps a tiny bit stronger than you...and getting a damn arrow into this bow wasn't easy. Now if a girl tries this, chances are you wont be able to do it at all. So you need a "reload helper". Nothing bad with that but they have their own problems. Reloading a handgun is about 1000 times easier and 50 times faster... Next the x-bow is clumsy. If you are inside a house getting around corners can be a problem. The hunting club FerFal suggest might indeed be the best solution. If thats not an option try a teaser (electro) or an inexpensive pepper spray (works well). Even a sharp knife (my wife carries one too) would be much more effective than a bow/x-bow at close range. When it comes to knifes FerFal made some excellent (!) postings esp. for women and your smaller hands/different needs, you may want to use the search function. All in all nice to see a woman taking responsibility for her own security! Thumbs up!
June 10, 2010 11:53 AM

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DaShui said...

Korea makes .45 and .50 caliber air-guns that shoot at around 600 FPS, almost the same as a handgun. Could be something good 4 those in firearms deprived locales.