Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am not Esteban Morales

This is part of an email I got today:

Greeting from Greece,
Hello friend,

I watched the documentary about the argentina economic collapse and read also a review titled “Lessons From Argentina’s Economic Collapse” by some Esteban Morales.

There was a link that led me to you

I am making a short documentary as to inform my fellow Greeks and Europeans of what is about to come, and so I am gatherimg as many resourses (information) as possible.

Its kind of funny but this is what I meant about being careful with your work.
There’s no “Esteban Morales”, someone simply used that name and reposted my essay “Thoughts on Urban Survival” as “Lessons From Argentina’s Economic Collapse” and it started to spread after that.

Please guys, everyone is free to repost anything you read in this blog, just give propper credit for it an a link to the source.
Sounds like a lot of trouble for nothing but myths and lies have a way of spreading on the internet like you wouldn’t believe.

I just searched “  “Lessons From Argentina’s Economic Collapse” by some Esteban Morales” and google gave me 831 results! Some said things like “Esteban Morales (“Ferfal”)”.  :-)

My name is Fernando Aguirre, by the way. About the screenname FerFAL, it’s “Fer” as in short for Fernando and that’s how everyone calls me and “FAL” for Fusil Automatique L├ęger, my favorite Belgian rifle. 



SiriusBlack said...

You got it Ferfal. FWIW, I've often directed friends to your website with full attribution. If I had a credit card i would buy your book online -- but I refuse to hold one because of the greedy, grasping ways of the credit card holders and banksters. I wish local bookstores would stock your book so I could buy it with cash.

Anonymous said...

Sirius, Amazon offers direct debit from your checking account. Just give them your checking account number and routing information and you're all set. No credit card necessary. I've been using this payment option for years without any problems.