Monday, June 7, 2010

Both shot 4 times and lived‏


Thought you might like to see a story from last night. Officer gets shot 4 times and chases down perp that HE shoots 4 times and they're both in stable condition at hospital. Just impossible to know what'll happen when you shoot someone or are the one getting shot. Cop was wearing a vest which stopped one so it may have saved his life.

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Hi Bill,
These things happen all the time. Not surprised at all that the cop survived and managed to shoot back.
Even a level II body armor will have no problem stopping the soft 22LR, and there’s no blunt trauma to recuperate from as you would if shot with a big bore caliber (9mm or bigger) . As for the criminal, we just don’t know where he was shot, but again surviving after getting shot 4 times happens often enough. You really can’t count on one shot stops with handguns (or rifles for that matter) you have to train your brain to not expect that and keep shooting until the attacker goes down and is no longer a threat.
I think it was Christmas of 2002, my brother in law’s uncle was shot after exiting the ATM. After he gave up the money they just shot him none the less (some much for that as a way to save your life) , he went down and they just kept shooting him. He tried to cover himself with his arms, so they’re not sure how many times they shot him, around 5 or 9 shots of 9mm FMJ based on the holes in his body and arms. The 9mm FMJ rounds just zipped right through him. He barely survived, and after several months hospitalized and a couple feet less of intestine ( and some very gruesome scars) he survived.
You can expect much better stopping power from premium brand JHP big bore calibers, but don’t really count on it.



Maldek said...

Incredible he survived. :O

Was the situation in 2002 like that in B.A. only or did even the countryside suffer such stupid violence?

russell1200 said...

I saw this well done video on Wyatt Earp this weekend.

One thing I found interesting is that Wyatt Earp's choice of weapon when going against armed opponents appears to have been a shot gun. He did not have one at OK Coral because he had handed it to Doc Holiday just prior to the encounter.

As a note their is a transcript(and closed captioning) for the movie, which may make it easier for a non-native speaker of English to follow: I certainly can read Spanish better than converse in it.

Bones said...

On a side note, the Upper Darby, PA (near Philly) Chief of Police coined a phrase that made a great t-shirt.

"Not in my town, Scumbag!"

Ryan said...

Two words for you 'head shot'. There is a reason that if all else fails you shoot somebody in the dome, it works.

Anonymous said...

Responding to 'Bones' post about the Upper Darby t-shirt phrase "Not in my town, scumbag". I grew up in that town. I don't want to be politically incorrect and draw the ire of the ACLU, so I'll just say that the demographics did a 180 since I lived there. When I grew up, there was NO crime. None. Occasional car break-in at worst. Today it's a war zone. I still have friends who are cops there. Murders are now commonplace. They find dead bodies in the parks there. They have homeless 'villages' in those same parks. Draw your own conclusions. I have mine, based on what I've seen firsthand.