Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tea Party

Participate in Tea Parties, get involved. That same flame that makes America great still lives, so don’t be pessimists and get actively involved.
 What I would give to have such movements in my own country!
But I don’t, and you do, so don’t let them go to waste, ok?
This is about survivalism folks, you don’t want to be a free minded individual in an authoritarian country, and you have to fight the idea of big socialist government being ok every time you can.
Why do I think that USA is still the best country in the world and where I want to live? Here’s why:



David said...

Democracy is a system of CONTROL. If you voted, then you consent, in advance, to abide by the outcome of the contest, right? Even if Mao's or Stalin's offspring wins!

You are given only a couple of choices of people, each of whom may CLAIM to stand for a spectrum of issues, you must then decide to balance your support for a specific candidate based on the BLEND of his/her "good" and "bad" views, right?

You want a Chinese Menu but you only get package deals, each of which comes with support for stuff you either don't care about or hate, but you hold your nose and vote anyway.

Then, when the winner votes for a host of things you detest, you have no choice but to go along until the next election.

Do you see how nice this is? YOU put the chains on YOUR OWN WRISTS.

This is how political government, the parasite that is bleeding civil society to death, grew to such leviathan proportions.

While I cheer when every incumbent is sent packing, the truth is that NOTHING CHANGES, and NOTHING will stop the slide of the USA into collapse.

Read a few of Bulter Shaffer's essays here to see why.

Anonymous said...

Or it could be that Tea-baggers are just being led on by big business to do the ground roots protest for their profits.

Who knows really how much involvement they had, but it's easy to think that someone is making a $ out of the protesters hard work.

CapnRick said...

Man... what a profound effect this video has. If this 'un don't get cha, nothing will.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the US have the biggest goverment on the face of the planet?

Anonymous said...

The guy at the end was great, but the speaker at the beginning is a perfect example of the hipocracy of the Tea party movement.

I've attended a few of these rallies and you can listen to the attendees and the speakers go on and on about the founding fathers of the United States.

The founding fathers purposefully created a SECULAR government that protected the right to freedom of religion.

They did not intend for "judeo-christian" theology to be the basis for our laws.

Nolan said...

I know a lot of Tea Party people (I am one), and none of them seem to be anything but genuine. I know I don't have any ties to any corporation besides the state and federal government. I'm kinda surprised calling us "Tea-baggers" was allowed in the comments given how openly insulting and lewd that label is.

Yes, the US Gov't is huge, but it is proportionally smaller than most. Compared to a lot of countries we have less government involvement in our life and (usually) a lower tax rate. The goal of the Tea Party is to get the government back to being smaller and less involved in our lives.

And yes, that is incredibly touching.

Anonymous said...

> Doesn't the US have the biggest
> government on the face of the planet?

Not only does the US have the biggest government on the face of the planet, but it also has the best government money can buy!!!

Julia said...

I am incredibly offended that the phrase tea-baggers was used by another poster. Do we need slang references to testicles in comments? Gotta love tolerant liberals....

Jack said...

Nolan said 'I'm kinda surprised calling us "Tea-baggers" was allowed in the comments'

Freedom of speech is one of the foundations of of our society - are you sure you're a Tea-bagger, and not a neo-con wrapped in a tea-bag?

FerFAL said...

Nolan , Julia and the rest:
Yes, wanted to reject the comment bad, but as someone said, freedom of sprech goes both ways.
Having said that, if you have a problem with my blog people are kindly invited to go somewhere else. I'll allow a different opinon, I wont allow any further insult or waste of people's time. People register to comments as well, and its a waste of valuable seconds to read some of the crap I usually reject. Think twice about commenting, I wont think twice about rejecting posts that are a waste of people's time. The "opposing view" was already made.


Nolan said...

To clarify:

I have no issue at all with free speech and discourse. I agree it is necessary. However, free speech is not childish name-calling because you don't like a group of people or what they stand for.

But as this comment is more about me than the original post, I more than understand if FerFAL doesn't allow it. I always assume he'll filter me if I get off topic in making a comment.

But, to get it back on topic. That was an astonishing display at the meeting. It isn't seen very often and the video makes it plain that other people attending were also moved.

Anonymous said...

Among other things, when people throw slang, cuss words and the like, it often means they have nothing to support their case.

Words to live by that the wimpification people don't want you to know about?:

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

cryingfreeman said...

In my view, the Tea Party movement is "owned dissent". We used to have it a lot in Northern Ireland amongst the unionist majority population, but it took decades before most people wakened up to the fact that their defiant leaders were actualy UK government assets designed to channel anger into dead-end stunts, such as rallies, protest marches, etc.

The USG won't have been doing its job if it hasn't infiltrated and compromised - or at least, partially done so - the Tea Party movement at the highest possible levels.

The bottom line is, western governments see organised dissent like this as a "safety valve" to allow people to let off steam. It's much better than having them do the one and only thing that governments respect: armed resistance.

FerFAL said...

"The bottom line is, western governments see organised dissent like this as a "safety valve" to allow people to let off steam. It's much better than having them do the one and only thing that governments respect: armed resistance."

Sorry, Dont agree with you. According ot your logic then you either A) Do nothing B) Start an armed resistance.
It is not s safety valve and I'll tell you somtihng else, the government does not like it, not one bit. At least the big brother type of government.
Participate in Tea PArty reunions, call your representatives when you see them screwgin around and not doing their job, be active and actually DO stuff instead of finding excuses to not do anything.


Anonymous said...

"The bottom line is, western governments see organised dissent like this as a "safety valve" to allow people to let off steam. It's much better than having them do the one and only thing that governments respect: armed resistance."

A certain portion of the Tea Party WILL evolve into armed resistance. It's inevitable because, sorry to say, but protests like this will not change the course that the U.S. is one. That's not to say that everyone shouldn't join these protests, they should. Just know that this will eventually get ugly.

Anonymous said...

I was the original poster of the tea-bagger comment.
I'm not sure if this makes you feel better or worse, but I didnt put it in as a conscious attack on the Tea-party followers. I'd just heard it so often that it naturally came out when I was writing about it.
Sorry for the offence.

cryingfreeman said...

FerFal: Mate, we'll have to agree to disagree. I've lived through 25 years of intrigues and government sneakiness in N Ireland, and was involved in various dissent movements, so I know how this game works. Time will prove that the Tea Party movement is as effective as using horses against tanks.

Once the western ruling elites have set their sights on a particular course of action, nothing anyone tries to do - be it lobbying, protesting, whatever, can change that. Perhaps you need to actually live through that first before you'll believe me, but I ask you, please indulge me in this, just as I have shown respect to your experience-based judgement on survival through an economic downturn.

monkeyfan said...

Good luck to you cryingfreeman et al.

I don't think many 'furrners' -or our current political class and their attendant wards of the state for that matter- quite get what the American Republic's liberty-minded citizens are about.

We are awake and know our history and all it stands for and implies despite every attempt to defang or defame us. Many see their involvement within the various decentralized Tea Parties as a last ditch [civil] attempt to counter the contemporary "long train of abuses and usurpations".

It took twenty odd years of rebuffed civil discourse and escalating demonstrations of dissent within the system imposed by the Brits before our Founding generation consented to fight for independence, but fight they did.

Please note that all those Gadsen flags aren't just for show...Just ask your friendly neighborhood internal security bureaucrat who has been directed to view veterans and patriots alike as potential threats to the beloved statist 'order'. Heck, ask any 'teabagee' who pissing in their plantation pants over the suddenly bad dissent that's sweeping the nation.

Anyway, if the usurper class wants a fight...They'll damn well get one at every level, the likes of which they cannot conceive of, that is if they don't back the hell off and listen to the butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers fond of producing the collective wealth in conditions of personal liberty.

Sic semper tyrannis.