Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cold Steel Sale!

Guys, I often recommend Cold Steel products, some are on sale right now, best price I've ever seen on their machetes.

I particularly like the Short Bowie machete as a weapon/GP tool, the Spear point looks good too. I only have the Bowie one that I posted about, I'd love to have an extra one (specially at that price) or a spear point one. 8 bucks for that Spear point? I'd get at least a couple.
This is the one I recommend, Spear Point 12" machete. Excellent knife. Heck, buy two and sell one to me, I'd gladly pay a few extra bucks over retail for your trouble. :-)

Anyway, thought I'd pass the word. I have no affiliation as I have with the Amazon products which helps with a small %, but those are terrific prices for those preparing with a tight budget.



The Urban Survivalist said...

$25 minimum and $9 shipping. Not that great of a deal unless you need a ton of knives.

FerFAL said...

Ops! Missed the 25 minimum. Still half the price compared to machetes on ebay.


Ryan said...

It was a great deal. Got to look at what the stuff normally costs. With the shipping buying 1 knife might not make sense but for more you can sure clean up. I paid something around 30 cents on the dollar. For a shade less than a hundred bucks I got 4 of their "long hunter" knives and 4 18" spear point machetes.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the 'heads up' on these articles, as I purchased several for 'personal' use and also kitchen use..
Your book is great,as is your blog...