Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reply: "Father’s Day Gift: Casio G-Shook Black X Solar Atomic"

Don Williams said...
I like the G-Shocks as well. I was arguing their merits with a wealthy friend one time --who likes Rolexes. I noted that the developer of the G-Shock tossed the prototypes off a 3 story building to test them.

I suggested that we do the same -- that I toss my $60 GShock off a building onto a concrete parking lot, that he do the same with his Rolex and we would then compare their time-keeping. He turned me down for some reason.

Later on, he ended up getting a quartz watch with LCD display for playing golf --because he discovered that the whipping swings of playing golf hurts the mechanisms of mechanical watch movements. (Quartz watches with the mechanical hands have problems
also -- with the hands ratcheting ,etc.)

The G-Shock is also one of the 4 watches approved by NASA for space travel --although only the Rolex Speedmaster is approved for use during space walks. (The GShock can handle vacuum but space walks also experience wide temperature swings -- extreme cold in shadow, high heat in sunlight)

I once put my GShock in a bucket of ice water and left it outside overnight in freezing weather. The next morning, I broke the crust of ice that had formed and pulled the watch out. The LCD was clouded over --but then cleared. Other than having gained a second of time overnight, the watch worked perfectly.

The G-Shocks are also favored by the military -- as well as by people who need to set timers:

Anonymous said...
I have an earlier Casio stainless G shock with many of the same features. Arguably, these are the best watches made. Still great after 5 years of solar power and water exposure.

I recently met with a USAF fighter pilot who is part of a watch collectors group. He brought a case of nifty pilot-oriented watches..Breitling, Rolex, Omega, a new brand-Bremont, other expensive self winders I've never heard of. I asked him which one he wore in the cockpit. He laughed and said that, while he and other pilots owned these watches, they all wore Casio G shocks while flying because it involved a lot of banging around in the cockpit and they knew the Casio would be fine but they weren't sure about these other watches! LOL.


Nolan said...
Did you have any problems with you Citizen Titanium? I have the same watch and have not noticed any issues at all. Then again, I haven't put it through any kind of test besides every day wear for a year or two (I can't remember exactly when I bought it). All that I have noticed is one scratch on the face that I can't get to go away, but it is nothing serious.
June 22, 2010 1:39 PM

Pretty interesting comments, thanks guys.
Nolan, no, not a single problem with my Citizen Titanium EcoDrive. I’ve had it for over 10 years and the battery still works and charges as its supposed to.
No torture test but a lot of daily use, meaning a lot of shooting too while wearing that watch.

The only problem I have is that I find my Citizen to be a bit TOO nice. It looks good, its sort of expensive these days and I just like it a lot, wouldn’t want to lose it get it stolen, or get into trouble because of it. Its pretty elegant, never found the exact same model on Ebay or Amazon. This one kind of looks like it, but mine doesn't have the digital display:
Citizen Men's JR3060-59F Eco-Drive Titanium Skyhawk Chronograph Watch
Citizen Men's JR3060-59F Eco-Drive Titanium Skyhawk Chronograph Watch

I believe the Casio is even tougher than the EcoDrive, so it will serve well. Not hard on the eyes either. Heck, I think I got a watch that is too nice to wear around here again. :-)



Anonymous said...

If you really plan on having to operate outside the padded playground, you should get a suunto. They're kind of ugly and big, but if you're looking for a real tactical watch that experienced operators use (with good reason), get a suunto. They're plainly visible in any condition, tough, reliable, and practical. You can do night land nav in the woods without a hint of starlight with just a map and your watch. (it's got a compass, altimeter and watch integrated).

Don Williams said...

1) The Timex Ironman is a competitor but I think the Ironman has a serious flaw. It lists itself as 200m water resistant --which is what's required for scuba,etc. However, if you look at the manual it says the water resistance is lost if one of the buttons are pushed --e.g, the button to illuminate the display.

2) However, light fades rapidly as you do deeper. If you are 40 feet down and need to check whether you need to surface (to avoid the bends) you probably can't SEE the watch face unless you push the Light button. But then you are screwed if the watch display goes blank as water enters the circuity.

Manual is here:

Anonymous said...

i'm a huge fan of the g-shock. i buy a watch and never take it off again until it stops working. i always get the 200 ft version even though i don't scuba dive, i swim a lot. the primary point of failure that i've found with the g-schock over the last 20 years is that the rubbery plastic stuff they make the band out of breaks at the watch hinge after a couple of years. a few years ago, i found that for about $10 more they make a version that has a woven nylon band. i bought mine(solar) in 2004 and its never been removed and still works fine.