Saturday, June 19, 2010

EDC Fighting Knife


I have another candidate for an every day carry knife for defensive use.
The knife is the Boker Jim Wagner Reality Based folder.
It is not made to use as an ordinary knife.  It's purpose is purely defensive.
It has an ultra sharp point that penetrates very, very well.
It has a serrated recurve blade for viscious cutting ability.
Jim Wagner Folder, Black FRN Handle, Serrated (B-BO051) Category: Miscellaneous Knives
When I first saw it, I dismissed it as a gimmick.
Once I understood what it was for I bought 2.

Take a look.  You might like it.


Hi L,
It's not a gimmick and it has been around for several years now. It has, as you describe, several fighting worthy features that make it a better than ordinary knife for fighting.
The narrow tanto tip would be excellent for penetration AND making a good wound profile.(gets thick quick, so it creates both a deep and wide wound)
The recurved edge works as you describe, it "catches" material in its concavity and forces it into the edge of those serrations, becoming a much better slashing weapon than ordinary blades of similar or slightly longer lenght.
I like this knife and I'm actually ordering one now for a hands on review. I do know enought about knives to say that, unless there's some freak quality issue, this knife is very good for its intended purpose. The handle is generous, well proportioned, and those finger groves will help have a better weapon retention.

I will say though, even if I think this is a very good weapon, I like the Cold Steel Vaquero even better. If you analyze it, it has many of the qualities the Jim Wagner knife has, and its almost twice as big (3.25" vs 6") if you go for the largest model they offer, the Vaquero Grande, which is the one I carry. A mean Nogales tip that penetrates well, recurved "S" serrated blade too. The handle isn't perfect, a bit thin for my taste, but it pays off in ease of carry for such a big blade.

A 6" blade or even the 5.5" blade in the Extra Large Vaquero, that's hardly an inch less than a 7" full sized Marine K-Bar knife!... Folded in your pocket! and in spite of the size I can carry it all day in my front jeans pocket, foget about it until I need it.

I've been around knives since I was 10 years old. This  is the first time I've seen people used to guns and knives take a step back when you bring this thing out. It is very impressive, capable of lots of damage if used with enough skill or determination.

Both knives are at the top of the game for defense knives, at least in my opinion and what I look for in such a knife. Will the JW Boker knife get things done very well? I dont doubt that, I just think that the Vaquero can do even more damage given is brute size.



dc.sunsets said...

Since (among other reasons) the Vaquero Grande is discontinued and apparently unavailable, what do you think about the Ti-lite series, especially the ones with Zytel handles?

The 6" one is a monster (13" opened) and youtube videos illustrate how it's a bit large for pocket carry, but for piercing and reach it seems pretty attractive.

Unknown said...

I recently bought an "El Hombre" at a gun store for very little (it had been in their display for years and was ticketed at $50 but they let it go for much less). I am very happy with the knife, though the handle is thin. If I hold it on the first knuckles of my hand, it fits well, and I can hold it well enough to slam it onto something without slippage. I did have to remove the belt-clip though, to allow for a non-stick grip.

Be aware of any length limitations or other knife laws in your area. In Louisiana each city has its own knife laws, so we must be aware. That is why I did not buy the Vaquero Grande, but settled for the 4" blade. The lack of assisted opening makes it legal here according to the public relations officer I have spoken with, and it seems the Boker also does not have an assisted opening.

Jason Cato said...

In the US we are limited to blades of 3.5 in or smaller. Anything larger could be a concealed weapons charge. Which is funny when you can get a license for a pistol and still not be allowed to carry a big knife.
What are the knife laws in your jurisdiction?

Anonymous said...

Just be careful in places that are not knife-friendly. If you get into a butcher brawl with that thing there will be no question to a jury of why you were carrying it: To maim.

If you carry a smaller knife there's at least a chance you were carrying it for utility, handyman, emergencies, outdoors stuff, etc.

Not trying to rain on a parade, just giving the other side from super-litigious Amerika.

FerFAL said...

Guys, dont go worrying about knife laws that you still haven't checked yourself in your jurisdiction.
Seems that teh knee jerk reaction is to think everything is banned or illegal. None of these are sprin loaded and wont open with a flick of the rist no matter how hard a cop may try. There might be a lenght limit in some cities but you should check to make sure.
In all honesty, most places wont give you much trouble, in places like NY and other mayor and politically correct cities, cops look for knife clips in people's pockets so carry it completely inside.
About bad knives and good knives, its like the AK and lever action looks debate. Just make sure you had plenty of reason to use whatever you use. If you are clean as a whistle and cut up some scumbag in slef defense that has an important criminal record,things will most likely fall in your favor. If nothing else, its better to be judged by 12 tha carried by 6 as they say.
One thing I can guarantee you, if you're getting kicked to death on the ground by a bunch of animals, you're NOT going to wish " oh, damn, if only I had a smaller, more innocent looking knife!".


Anonymous said...

The problem is, the pockets on pants sold in the USA are only so big, maybe 5" deep, which limits the size of knife one can carry and get away with it. Since the whole point is to prevent anybody from knowing you have a knife in the first place, having a hilt sticking out of your pocket is counterproductive, especially if a cop stops you.

I suppose that the pants sold in Argentina have pockets that can accommodate large knives, but the khakis I have on right now, for just one example, have pockets where the seam swoops down rather deeply, making the pocket only maybe 4" deep at the lowest point. It's nice to have a huge knife, and then there's reality.

Angry Cow

FerFAL said...

I wear Levi 501 type jeans. Small pockets as you say. Still, the largest Cold Steel Vaquero still fits, though it goes a bit diagonally inside the pocket. This isn't that bad since its more comfortable when sitting down.
What I mean is, the 6" Cold Steel can be carried in the small front jeans pocket, I do it every day and while at first you feel the knife there, you grow used to it and forget about it after the first couple weeks of carrying it.


Unknown said...


Where do you find the 3.5 inch limit for the United States? The only federal knife laws I can find do nothing besides ban switchblade/gravity knifes and the carrying of a fixed blade knife in a sheath on US flagged merchant ships. I have found there is an extraordinary amount of misinformation about what is legal, and even more about the case law regarding knives.

Anonymous said...

"while at first you feel the knife there, you grow used to it and forget about it after the first couple weeks of carrying it."

That is so true.

At first I was overly aware of it, now I only miss it when it's not there.

Pockets are to pants what magazines are to guns?

I load mine everyday.

In my state, knives are regulated by both the state and at the city level. 3 and 1/2 inches is the limit, I think that number is common for many states and why the Buck 110 is so popular?
Even at that size, some cities and workplaces make it a crime to carry one in a pocket or in a sheath on a belt.

Outlawing wearing a 3 and 1/2 inch knife in a sheath is overkill IMHO, but how is a population supposed to feel like it Needs protection from the police unless that population is disarmed first?

I don't think there are laws about having them in your car like with guns, yet.

Anonymous said...

There's a couple of web sites that compile the US knife laws. Just Scroogle knife laws.
I personally own the book offered on one of them. The book has been translated by a lawyer into plain English and has tables. It covers Fed, the 50 states, the major cities and counties under each state and sites the ordinances and statutes. It also discusses ambiguities and offers opinions. I enjoy referring to it as opposed to reading statutes.

Anonymous said...

@Jason Cato--depends on where you are. Knife laws aren't the same in all 50 states, except for what Nolan mentioned. Where I live knives over 5 inches (or maybe it's 4 inches) were just included (in July) in the state's weapons carry permit that previously only applied to firearms. But even then, other laws apply in different jurisdictions within the state--usually in larger cities.

Kevin B's book may already be out of date as far as recently passed/changed laws.