Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bows and crossbows‏

i have searched your (fantastic) blog, but did not find
anything related:
I cannot buy a gun where I come from. Would you recommend
the usag of a bow or a crossbow? 
I recently saw rambo 4 and was quite impressed by the 
lethal  effect of his bow (lol), but i do not know 
whether this is only hollywood? 
First, don't ever take Hollywood into account for
realistic self defense! :-)
Second, are you sure there's now ay for you to get a gun?
In many places people thing its not legal when it
actually is. Even if its just a double barrel trap 
shotgun its much better than not being armed at all.
Getting a gun is one of those things certain people dont
worry much or are willing 
to go through all the trouble needed to get one.
No one is going to just hadn you a gun. There's a reason
why they make it a long,boring and sometimes expensive 
process: They dont want you to have it!
The average person will quit before maybe having to spend
a year in a hunting club,only then to get a hunting 
license and then buy the gn. But you're better than the
average person, othewise you wouldn't be reading my blog! :-)
Now, back to your question. Both are very poor weapons 
compared to firearms. 
But if I didn't have anything else I'd go for a powerful 
hunting crossbow. Again, PLEASE get a firearm instead if
there's any way for you to get one, no matter how much 
red tape and burocracy you have to go through.
I'm saying crossbows instead of bows becuase, within their
limitations, its a point and shoot weapon in some ways 
simialar to a rifle. Keep in mind that crossbows were banned
for some time in UK, precisely because they were better at 
I just looked on Amazon and found a 150 Lbs Hunting Crossbow.
150 Lbs Crossbow Laser + Scope + 8 Arrows Cross Bow
It comes with 8 arrows, scope and laser. I'd add a few
hunting broadheads too.
Before that, I'd get a Cold Steel machete for 25 bucks
and learn how to use it. 
I bought this same model and I just 
love it.
Posted about it too,and how to put
a hair shaving edge to it too. 
This short
machete/large knife and a few knife 
and stick fighting 
classes would be the second best thing 
if you can't get a firearm.


Maldek said...

Hi Isolde,

is it possible (your name) you are living in the german speaking part of europe per chance?

If this is the case i may know exactly where you come from :P

I too found it once
a) tiresome
b) expensive
c) overly bureaucraty and a general pain in the back side to apply for a gun permission.

(NOT a carry permit mind you just so you can have the gun in your own house AND bureaucrats may come to your home - without notice - to inspect if your gun is kept in a proper gun save and seperated from amno. Never mind loaded! Faiure to do so will have the gun(s) confiscated right away!

So i went ahead and bought a fine x-bow. Did buy hunting arrow heads as well, razor sharp bladed type. However these are illegal careful.

Here is my experience with the weapon:

1) Range is good.
2) Point blank shot works

Even without scope you will be able to hit what you target. Needs only minor training at close to medium range. BUT

The reload is a PAIN. I am a male, perhaps a tiny bit stronger than you...and getting a damn arrow into this bow wasn't easy. Now if a girl tries this, chances are you wont be able to do it at all.

So you need a "reload helper". Nothing bad with that but they have their own problems. Reloading a handgun is about 1000 times easier and 50 times faster...

Next the x-bow is clumsy. If you are inside a house getting around corners can be a problem.

The hunting club FerFal suggest might indeed be the best solution.

If thats not an option try a teaser (electro) or an inexpensive pepper spray (works well).

Even a sharp knife (my wife carries one too) would be much more effective than a bow/x-bow at close range. When it comes to knifes FerFal made some excellent (!) postings esp. for women and your smaller hands/different needs, you may want to use the search function.

All in all nice to see a woman taking responsibility for her own security! Thumbs up!

Nolan said...

Archery is probably my greatest passion. That said, virtually any edge weapon will be better for self-defense in almost any situation.

Crossbows and bows are deadly, but they are not stopping weapons. They are good for killing somebody but are not good for defense because they have to bleed out--similar to hoping a .22LR will kill "stop" someone.

I've shot a number of whitetail deer with a bow, and seen even more shot. With a solid hit, the deer often don't know they are wounded and are curious about what just happened. It often takes more than a few minutes, even with a very good hit, for the deer to die. I use deer because I've never shot somebody with a bow, or seen somebody shot with a broadhead to a vital area.

I think there is nothing in the world more fun than archery. However, I think this is one field where it is best to not confuse recreation with defense. I'd much rather have a knife than a bow when it comes to defending myself. The only bonus I can think of is that they will penetrate body armor that doesn't use plates (and maybe them if you hit just right...I don't know).

cFirefox said...

Add on to Maldek:

I absolutely agree with you.

Forget about the crossbow, as you only have one shot in a high stress situation. Without a huge amount of training you will miss and the crossbow will only be a very awkward club. And how about multiple attackers? Ask them to line up?

When getting OC Spray for home defense remember it will not end the threat. To many people rely on OC-Spray to end the threat but it won't.
Best case you have a very angry and blind person screaming and running around in your room...
Better get a baseball bat too or a taser.

Get a big can of OC spray for your nightstand (with inert training loads) and a small one for EDC.
A baseball bat (you might want to skip putting nails in it, due to legal problems) and a nice knife for EDC.
Remember, even if they banned folders which can be opened one handed, one can still carry a fixed blade knife in Germany with a blade length up to 12cm.
You might want to exercise this right, even if it doesn't make any sense.

Greetings from Germany and kudos to FerFal