Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No Electricity Laundry Machine‏

Hi Fernando
I'm one of your fans and as I came across this site, I thought you might be interested (maybe not for you personnally) but for a post
via lifehacker: Michael Perdriel originally designed his low-cost and efficient manual laundry machine to help out people in developing nations. While you may not be in a daily situation where you need to build your own laundry machine and run it without electricity the design is extremely clever for situations like camping, a cabin without electricity, or for forays into reducing your environmental impact.


Hi! Thanks a lot for the link! That's pretty useful and saves both water and energy.
Dirty clothes bunch up fast when there's no water or power, and that way if you have a few galons of water stored as adviced here often (given that you have enough) you can use a couple to do some laundry.
Here its still very common for poor people to wash clothes using the old ribbed boards, you see them being sold often in smaller stores.
The link is worth clicking. That mechanism would make laundry much more easier and less labour demanding. Its worth saving and printing the diagram.
I'm still a a few weeks delayed replying emails but I'm catching up :-)



Anonymous said...

I'd like to share another simple idea in case you need to wash clothes and find yourself without electricity;

Invest in a good plunger - the same simple kind used to unplug sinks and toilets. This makes an excellent agitator to wash clothes! No washboards, no building materials needed, just a good old-fashioned plunger in either a bucket or tub. Same principle! And it has been proven that agitation (up and down motion) cleans clothes much better than swirling them back and forth in any machine.

body armor said...

wow...that is amazing...i love that idea.

Anonymous said...

If, like myself, you don't have time to build this, 'Lehman's Non-Electric' sells the Lehman's laundry hand washer that does an excellent job of cleaning without electricity. The website is lehmans.com.