Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No weakness, no excuse. Never.

Few will argue that mindset is the most important part of survival and preparedness.
I’ll take it a step further and say that mindset is the most important part to achieve anything in life.
A survival minded person should have the mindset to survive in rough times, but also excel during good ones.
A real survivor is a better person. The average is not good enough, the average is pretty poor, we have to be better.
This attitude to be better than the rest is something we should do ourselves, preach and teach to our children.
As Patton said “Pressure makes diamonds”
Because of this attitude towards life, I simply do not understand certain addictions or emotional weaknesses people sometimes have.
Alcohol dependency, drugs or even frequent cigarettes and alcohol consumption, not only do they create addiction, they are weaknesses you are better without. Waste of money, time, and psychological dependency. No, its not acceptable.
A real survivor is a better person that that, the less weaknesses you have, both physical and mental, the better.
Anyone can see how avoiding these things would help even if there’s never need for you survival skills. We are talking about a better life quality in general here.
I remember once during a peregrination to Lujan (it’s a Catholic thing), I left with 3 friends, walking from Buenos Aires to Lujan, more than 60 kilometers under the frying sun.
Only two of us made it, the other two quit. Do you know who made it? The ones in better shape? That helped a lot, but on of the guys that quit was smaller and in better shape than I was. Mindset people.
Everyone that ever pushed himself physically knows that it gets to a point where the body just hurts, no matter how fit you are, but the mindset is what makes some continue and others quit.
There has to be steel inside you.
When you finally quit ( because you died, no other excuse works) and the Forensic doctor performs the autopsy, he should find Rebar inside you body.
Wounds heal, pain is just small amounts of electricity going through your nervous system. You can endure it. Get used to doing so.
In the end, you’ll be a tougher person.



theotherryan said...

A man who has done far more rucking then all of us combined probably ever will said "It's in your head, its in your heart and don't fucking fall back."

Anonymous said...

Hey Ferf,


I think you mean Pilgrimage (Pellegrinaggio in Italian... or in English, the traveling falcon.. the Peregrine)

Anyhow, one of your greatest, most inspirational posts.

I'm a small guy (62 kilos... under 130 lbs.), have been jumped in many locations worldwide, but have come out on top due to steel will and scrappiness. No one going to take care of me and my family but me.

Peace all.

Dan said...

I think I can see where Rawles' "crude language" comment can be justified. :)

Anonymous said...

Just happened upon your blog, it's great. I always say to people that if they have spacial or financial limitations to their preparedness that the least they can do is improve their minds which costs nothing. Thanks to the internet and blogs like this, knowledge is free.


Melody Singh said...