Monday, March 2, 2009

Argentina's Economic Collapse

I posted similar videos before. But it's worth remembering so as to not allow these things to happen again.
Dont let this happen in your own country. Do something before reaching the point of no return.
Edited to add: Guys, you should really watch these 3 videos at least.
Better turn the lights on when watching this. Makes “Saw” movies look like Barney the friendly dinosaur. Any resemblance with current events in USA is freakish coincidence and is likely to cause insomnia.



Anonymous said...

I have seen this film before,and the whole things reminds me of a writing from a friend from Argentina,who sent me a video of a movie from his country.It was subtitled,but the jest was that the people always get the shaft,no matter who gets elected.Very dark humored comedy.
The US population will not be so non-violent as in your country.The WASP are armed to the teeth and have itchy fingers because of the group who has ruled for decades,
The Civil War has left its permanent mark on the Southerner,and will not forget or forgive the invasion by the northern rulers both in the 1800s and the 1900s etc.
Plus we are not use to hardships,but we can adopt if need be..
your blog is the best,, see ya' at the barricades..

. "The last official act of any government is to loot the nation"

Anonymous said...

refering to your articles on

I am wondering how mortgages were dealt with when the markets crashed? Were people living in houses that were paid for better off than those with a mortgage? Or were those with mortgages just refusing to pay (kind of like they already do in the USA and our diaper-changing government just pays it for them)?