Monday, March 2, 2009

“Commando” robbery in a gated neighborhood in Monte Grande

It occurred yester at 2:30 AM.
8 bad guys, all of them well armed, 2 backup vehicles waiting outside.

The private neighborhood has it’s own security but they captured the 2 patrolling guards as soon as they breached the perimeter wire fence.

The alarms, private security, and closed circuit video cameras didn't prevent anything either.

The bad guys kept communications through radio with each other at all times. They robbed 3 homes, and the operation lasted 40 minutes.

They tied everyone up, threatened the family members, including the kids. The objective: money, they insisted that they wanted money but end up taking also jewelry and cameras.

Just thought I’d mention it. Specially for those “Oh, I’ll just pump ma old shotgun and that all send’em ya’ll running ‘n scared” types.



MeadowLark said...


I get so crazed with the uber-macho types proclaiming just that.

Appreciate your posts.

FerFAL said...

If they want you bad enough, there's very little you can do. Doens't mean you shouldn't do your best though.

Usually if defenses look good enough, they'll go for softer targets. But then there's commando strikes like these. Very proffesional, very hard to defend from.


Don Williams said...

If the victims were rich enough to be worth this trouble, then they will have to retaliate, of course.

Find out who the robbers were -- and ensure their heads are mounted on stakes in a public square within the week. Someone always talks in a bar.

And let the local police know they are next on the list if they interfere.

Anonymous said...

I've asked before w/o answer--and I can see how it might be a delicate subject given the conditions there, so if it is then just delete the comment--but where are the soldiers? Are they the ones pulling these kind of heists?

M said...

Ferfal, do you have a link to this story? My spanish is passable.

FerFAL said...

First, I must say that ms K has pretty much dismanteled the military. We have nearly no military force left.
It's her little personal campaing against the armed forces.

The ones left and placed to guard civilians are few and not nearly enough.


FerFAL said...

Sure, I saw it on the news but here it is.

And here

The TV report talked about the badguys using radios and some other details.


Anonymous said...

So how would you defend against an attack like this? If you had, say, 2 minutes advance warning that these guys were coming, what would you do?

M said...

Wow. I might agree with the previous guy who suspected that soldiers might be the ones doing something like that. They are being disenfranchised by the government, have access to heavy weapons and I don't know if pro robbers would have fled at the first sound of an alarm. Seems like a pretty small haul as well for all of the effort.

DocOutlands said...

"So how would you defend against an attack like this? If you had, say, 2 minutes advance warning that these guys were coming, what would you do?"

First off, you don;t rely on any single layer of defense. I suspect the home-owners involved hired a security firm and then stopped thinking about protecting themselves.

Second, I suspect the "patrolling guards" were the ones watching whatever electronic security was in place. If the person monitoring the alarm is the one who responds, and something happens to them, then HOW will the people being protected know when their protection has failed? Alarms should be monitored by a central station that dispatches security, so as to maintain a watch and call for extra help and - IMO - to alert those inside the perimeter that something is wrong.

Third, I suspect the homeowners had no plan for reacting to a security breach. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Remember, a castle's walls are its LAST line of defense, not its first. If your security *starts* at the walls, you are already in trouble.

So, to answer the actual question posed - given two minutes warning, spread over three houses in the immediate area...this question already assumes there is a plan for warning the homeowners and not just relying on the hired guns...

I am also assuming the alert is going out to every house inside the perimeter.

I know in at least one house - right now - four shooters would be snatching up hand radios and rifles of significant caliber (and maybe pistols) and one shooter would be picking up a radio and light rifle or pistol. This shooter and a small child will be heading for cover and hopefully staying really, really quiet.

The four primary shooters would take up defensive positions that vary depending on the direction the threat is approaching from.

Unlike people who expect to rack a round into their pump-shotgun (or similar - and yes I know at least ONE who thinks like that), I am of the opinion that violating my perimeter is the equivalent of chambering that round. That perimeter *was* their chance to turn back. At this point, we are "cocked, locked, and ready to rock."

The threat will be engaged as far from the houses as possible and will continue to be engaged until neutralized or they retreat. At this point, severed heads adorn the pikes.

Depending on who is where and when, there could be more shooters added to the mix, but they aren't nearly as "plan-oriented" as my house is. Yet.

theotherryan said...

There are advantages to being a relatively hard target for the potential gains. Tends to make people look elsewhere.

CapnRick said...

Say, FerFal: I hope you agree... that security company did not have their stuff together. The correct way to defend an attack of this sort in a community with only one gate can be handled by only two men ONLY if security cameras are monitored from a secure location. One guy on the gate, and another one on the secure console is not the BEST plan... but, it is about the best you can do with only two guys. Had the security company management done a full security audit, they probably would have done more “what if... ?” thinking and insisted upon the following:
. Klaxon alarms throughout the gated community set off by one of the two guards at a secure console area upon viewing the attack at the access control point. Not too expensive, I would hope.
. A series of training seminars so that each household is trained in how to secure things in the event of such an alarm. Some test runs involving security firm management should be scheduled to make certain everyone... including the clients and their household staff... knows what to do in an alarm condition.
. Right after the alarm is set off by the hidden security officer, a call list function should begin... the closest police station, security HQ, etc. There should be no 40 minute fun time for the thugs. Although, the two backup vehicles outside the perimeter probably means they were prepared to take on the local police. It takes a long time to dispatch SWAT with heavy weapons. The security company management should always involve the local police station commander in any community protection plan. THIS IS ALSO WISE because it tells the local cops... who may be casing the community for just such an assault... that the sensible course might be to pick a less well prepared community to assault.
Sounds like a bunch of thugs with at least one ex-cop (or, an off-duty one) or military. This stuff happens every day in Mexico, and ALL the cartels there use military and police to do the assaults. A check with the local Gang Intelligence officer may bring results in the Monte Grande case.
Bottom line... this sounds like a well planned and well executed assault on an inadequately prepared gated community. I'd always rather be assaulted by a bunch of pros... they want quick access and a trouble free egress with all the goodies they came for. They aren't going to Cowboy up on you and try to rape and kill... not cost effective activities.
The smoothness of the assault, the results, the backup vehicles, the radio comms all point to well informed, well prepared pros who executed a carefully prepared plan flawlessly. Sad, ain't it... that the security company and community leaders did not exhibit the same level of study, planning and preparation. Professionalism costs a bit more, but it is the only way to effectively defend against such an attack.
On the OTHER hand, a truly professional defense could have meant that the thugs would have been run off... but, it is fairly certain that some innocent citizens might have been killed or seriously injured in the ensuing confrontation with police/security defenders. That leads to tough questions. But, how do you know the assault is not going to be a bunch of pilled up street thugs who are full of hate, a strong desire to hurt people, seeking to making themselves feel powerful by dominating a bunch of more vulnerable, more civilized, more wealthy citizens?
My personal feeling is that it is best to prepare for the professionals, and the street thugs can be defended against by the same plan... because you can never know in advance what threats a community will face.

The precious US administration was successful in preventing another terrorist attack of the scale of 9-11. When the results of success is a non-event, with no significant attacks, it is hard to maintain community enthusiasm and expense for a strong security plan. The next administration shows evidence of such a lack of enthusiasm. We need to think about the US becoming another Monte Grande. Sad.

Suerte -Rick