Monday, March 23, 2009

Power bill goes up... 1000%!!!!!

This is just beyond ridiculous.
If you use more than 1000 KW every two months ( 500KW a month!) , as a “sanction”, you get to pay 300% , 400% and even 1000% more of what you paid the month before.

Some people today waiting in line to complain, had bills of up to 2400 Pesos, ( 3,6 pesos, one USD) This is the power bill for an average home with 2 air conditioners.
Take into account that an average salary here is 1500 pesos, you can imagine what this means.
This is no accident. These are the real prices they are handling now. This was approved by our no longer so benevolent K dictators, so they can steal even more money from us.
The idea explained by the government, is that they are “punishing” those that use too much power. But they seem to forget that during summer and winter even a small apartment will fall within their penalty category.
They are kind enough to give you 6 to 12 months to finance the power bills. Guess that after two or three months you just kill yourself.

As they said in “300” : This is Madness!
“No, this is Argentina!”


Mind Candy said...

If you have the K regime there, then we have the O regime here. That is just the sort of principle that they want to put into place with the 'cap in trade' policy.

Has the "Living Green" craze hit in Argentina because it sure has hit here. It is being shoved down our throats at an alarming rate.

Joseph said...

Killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

What are they going to do when they have destroyed the country? Go back to the days of rich landowners and peasants, with nothing in between?

McClarinJ said...

When major ice storms occur in the US, millions of limbs and trees snap under the weight of the accumulated ice, resulting in thousands of breaks in power lines. Suddenly an entire region become a survival training camp as people decide, "Never again will I be caught unprepared in case of power failure." They buy generators, store extra food, water, fuel, batteries, candles, install wood stoves for heating, buy camp stoves for cooking. These people will have a better chance at survival when TSHTF and the power grid is down for weeks, months, maybe years.

Perhaps the penalty assessments for power consumption should be looked at as a survival training opportunity, something to propel people to action where verbal warnings have gone unheeded. Surely La Crisis in Argentina is not going to end soon. It is bound to worsen as the global economic collapse takes shape. Learn how to cope now so that when the really bad stuff happens you will be better prepared.

Will England said...

Well, we see now where Obama is taking his ideas from. He's stated that our power bills will go up drastically in order to promote energy conservation. Currently our average bill runs $200 to $300 USD (750 to 1100 pesos) a month.

Anonymous said...

When does it become cheaper to run your own generator?

FerFAL said...

The media is agresive towards the victims. "They get punished becuase they consume too much"
As if having an oridnary home with an AC was too much of a luxury.
In these latitudes, it's a NECESAITY, otherwise you boil here in summer.

Yes, the green escuse is being used a lot. There's even a campaing on TV to ban incandecent light bulbs...


FerFAL said...

"When does it become cheaper to run your own generator?"
Not sure but its worth looking into.
Still, something will be eventually done. You can't run a country with power bills that are greater than most monthly salaries.


CapnRick said...

Saludos: The price of nafta/gasoline rose here in Argentina as it did around the world during the recent price increases. When the gasoline prices fell in the US, they did not drop here. We are still paying more or less USD4 per gallon now... about the same as last year's high prices. It is because the government used to subsidize the cost of gasoline. Now, the Ks have stolen so much, and the revenues have declined so the government doesn't have enough money to continue to subsidize energy prices.

The Ks understand the vast majority of voting Argentinians don't have air conditioners. That's the demographic they are trying to serve, so they can stay in power and CONTINUE to increase their net worth by 100 percent each 4 months, as they did in the first 4 months of Lady Ks tenure.

This is an example of what you feared may becoming to the US. You were correct... but, I hopehopehope we are all wrong.

Suerte -Rick

The last cause said...

FerFal, can you run a swamp cooler in your domicile?

They use far less energy.

As for the Government, sheesh it's like they stay up late at night trying to drum up new ways to steal from the People of Argentina.

Joseph said...

Governments should be servants of the people; people should not be servants of government.

What is the military's position on all this? Any rumblings?

FerFAL said...

Not much of a chance.
K took over the military and destroyed any possible resistance years ago when the first K got into office.


McClarinJ said...

This thread bothers me. It is more about complaint than survival action.

Once you conclude that the government can't help you even if it wanted to, and that it is far more likely to hurt than help, the smart thing to do is get the hell out of its way and fend for yourself.

Mind Candy said...

Hello my friend,

What do you think that the possibility of an armed resistance/revolution is within the next two years? I would think that it would be very high except for the rampant corruption and crime.

I had hoped that your country would get better despite its leaders but they seem insistent that they kill the Golden Goose.

You have a high number of people who have absolutely nothing to lose.

I will pray for your country as I pray for my own. In the end however it happens, freedom will win.

vdavisson said...

FerFAL, what's the high temperature in BsAs in the summer?

We live in Fresno, California and it gets up to 110F here (43C). I used to live in Phoenix and it got up to 115F there, and one time it was 122F (50C)! We use a swamp cooler all year but some summer afternoons are not very pleasant. We can't usually cook inside on those days. We barbeque or eat cold food.

FerFAL said...

McClarinJ said...

"This thread bothers me. It is more about complaint than survival action.

Once you conclude that the government can't help you even if it wanted to, and that it is far more likely to hurt than help, the smart thing to do is get the hell out of its way and fend for yourself."

What's "survival action"?

A 1000% increase in your power bill would be a problem to you too, unless you are pretty rich.


Joseph said...


Much of this post is about "situational awareness", or what is going on around you. That includes economics, politics, etc.

You make some good points in your first post. Before you do any planning/action, you have to know the problem (or that there even is one). Most of the people who read this blog are a bit more aware than the norm, I think. But most people who live in the US are not used to thinking in these terms.

McClarinJ said...

What do I mean by "survival action" regarding the 1000% increase in electric bills?

Becoming able to live "off the grid" has been the survival action of some in the United States via combination of solar-electric and battery/inverter systems, wind energy, small hydro-turbines, or simply reverting to a frontier lifestyle with no electricity.

I hope to move from the US to eastern Ecuador to spend my time studying jungle insect life. There is no electric grid, so I plan to produce my own electricity with a combination of gasoline-powered generator, solar-electric panels, and pedal-powered generator -- and to live with far less electricity than I presently use (LED lights, no refrigerator, no air conditioner, no electric stove or water heater).

I realize that my ability to produce my own electricity and to have other conveniences such as metal roofing will attract unwelcome attention so I will go to great lengths to secure these possessions against theft. I will have almost no furniture and I will have nearly everything else on carts that will be locked in a steel-walled secure room whenever I am out of the house. There will be a kitchen/cooking cart, a workshop cart, a computer/office cart, and especially a microscope/photography cart for entomology. My fixed solar cells will be fully embedded in urethane sealant (the stuff they use to install the big windows at major airports).

My roofing will be secured with a half-dozen types of screws requiring as many screw-driver types to remove. To slow any thief's progress, each screw head will be filled with urethane sealant. My copper wiring will be embedded in my concrete floor and lead from the battery bank in my secure room to floor receptacles. My many window screens will be in rectangles too small to be worth cutting and stealing. My cameras, computers, guns, and other high-value items will be locked inside a large, heavy-duty gun safe bolted down inside my secure room. The generator will be secured inside a heavy steel-plate cage with combustion air and exhaust vents.

No precautions can be 100% effective so at least one gun and ammunition will be buried, double-sealed inside a large PVC tube, just as I have now. If I still have gold and silver, I will split it up among several buried caches also, just as I have now in the US.

N.B. I am not wealthy. I have worked for many years as a carpenter and have some very modest savings. I have also accumulated many of the things I will bring to Ecuador for my construction project.

I hope this very long, rambling answer has given some idea of what I meant by "survival action."

azreel said...

Obama's Cap and Trade program here in the US will result in much of the same.