Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Armored Car


This is the way you end up living here guys.
Those that can afford it, sure do get an armored vehicle.

Carolina Baldini, model and ex wife of soccer player Diego Simenone, suffered a robbery attempt 3 days ago and was saved by her armored SUV.

The article is in Spanish but I’ll somewhat translate the important stuff.
Apparently she had just exited a mall when a van in front of her stopped. Apparently she had been keeping a prudent distance, the van was like half a block away.
She hit the brakes when she saw that the van wasn’t moving and all of a sudden 3 men with guns got out of the vehicle and rushed towards her.
She said she froze out of surprise as they tried to smash the windows.
The bulletproof glass saved her.
She reacted when one pointed a gun at her through the window.
She went up to the sidewalk to avoid the blocking vehicle and got out of there.
She’s seriously considering moving out of the country.


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Ferfal, what do you think of this map? Is it accurate?