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Hey Ferfal,
Perhaps you have addressed ammunition reloading, but if so, I missed it.
I have been reloading for decades and have now pretty well taken myself out of the ammunition supply chain. (thanks to a very adequate supply of components) I also cast my own bullets for all CF guns we own, this and a few hundred pounds of wheel weights allows me to be in control of what and how many bullets I may want/need.
I presently have two Dillons, a Mec JR (for shotshells) etc.
Here is my reloading setup, the Dillon presses (blue) produce a ready to fire loaded cartridge with each stroke of the handle. The old Lyman #45 lubricator/sizer (orange at left) is about 50 years old and after running through untold thousands of bullets, still works as good the day I bought it new. (plastic shoe boxes and coffee cans are my friends)

Here are some of my molds
If you are not familiar with bullet casting, this is the best site for such on the Web. Many people are unaware as to using cast bullets in modern high velocity rifle cartridges with the accuracy and velocity that can be achieved.
Not being nit picky, believe me, I am terrible with typos, but in "SURVIVAL FIREARMS" photo, you have listed the Model 23 at top and .22 Thunder at bottom. The Wife has both the Model 23 and Model 85 as her personal sidearms.

, Arizona-USA

Roland, thanks for your email.

That's a nice setup right there.

No, I haven’t addressed reloading.

I did look into it here and prices are prohibitive. Gun powder is also very difficult to come by these days.

But there’s people here that depend a lot on reloading and it as clear that the activity grew a lot since the crisis.

The reason why I didn’t get into it is that the basic set up cost here is several times what you guys have to pay up there.

Molding your own bullets is something a lot of people do here as well. Even for their FALs.

What they do is use relatively hard lead and well rounded projectiles, the less “pointy” the better, so as to avoid feeding problems in the semi auto action.

Sorry about the “Bersa” mistake. :)

How does your wife like her Bersa?

They are very noble little guns, very popular here.


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Anonymous said...

Reloading can be a huge advantage and is not all that difficult. Sales of ammunition, reloading components, particularly .308, .223, 9mm and .45 ammunition and components and military styled rifles continue to be massive and difficult to obtain. I don't think the shortage will subside, they can't keep up with demand now and the urgency and reason for such purchases is growing.

Ammunition prices will increase faster and faster making reloading more and more attractive if one can obtain the components. Primers and bullets should be first on the list. Get in line and hope the backorder arrives.

In the last 3 years, prices have more than doubled and will increase at a faster with chronic shortages and the inflation already in pipeline. By 2010, or perhaps by the end of the summer it could be very high.

I suspect that lead could out perform precious metals to a point, and value as a barter item be easily recognized.

A non....