Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reply: Book

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions, I'll try to come up with something better for the cover.

I'm working hard at getting the book done as fast as possible, so that's why I'm not around that much.

All I can say is that I like the way the book is looking (As in content, apparently the cover pretty much suxs apparently :) ).

The book covers a number of things such as dealing with everyday problems I know you guys enjoy. For the new guys it says what happened in Argentina in 2001, why it happened, and what was it like. Also how to prepare for crime and financial problems among a bunch of other things.

In spite of the dramatic cover the book's general feeling will be that life just goes on and that even an economic collapse is in no way the end of the world, at least not in the way many seem to fear.

If you guys want to suggest something else you'd like covered, I'll take suggestions for the Appendix or maybe even one last chapter.:)

Take care guys, and thanks for the support.



Carrick said...

Do you cover "survival" stuff from your wife or your son's perspective? Those might make for good chapters or Appendix additions.

How a wife copes with the change, her list of top ways to make homemaking easier & more normal.

How to keep a kid stimulated when they can't go outside much, safe educational places you can take you kid, things that are in abundance that can be converted into cool "toys" (old mattress trampoline, building w/ wood scraps, etc.) What you son dislikes most, what you wish he could have that you had, and how you compensate.


I thought more about it after I left you comments on the last post.. If I was considering buying a book on a daunting subject like this, I'd be sold if I saw an image of the author that proved his method was successful. A picture of you at the kitchen table w/ family around laughing, the obvious signs of depression (less possessions, bulk food containers, barred windows, a stored firearm), and holding a framed picture of your former life (family picture of you in a pre-collapse life that more resembles the one that I live now.) That sounds kind of ridiculous and staged when I reread that, but the point would be that it shows that you all are regular people, your world dramatically changed and that its still sketchy, but like you say 'life goes on.' And it goes on w/ some joy.

Practical & Invaluable Knowledge For Surviving Severe Economic Collapse
From A Family That Learned It First-Hand

Srben said...

Hey, I thought the old cover was great, lol. I can't wait to see the new book.

Joseph said...


The cover isn't bad as a concept, but it seems a bit dated. Of course, if you go to a publisher, they are going to help you out with the marketing, presentation, etc. But I'm not sure how you intend to market this.

FerFAL said...

The book will talk about how the wife, kids, and grandparents cope with things. I’ll get my wife to contribute with one chapter on her point of view, or at least tell me and I’ll write it for her, given that her English isn’t very good.
One of the things I write a lot of if self defense and awareness, how to stay safe from the huge crime wave that will inevitably affect people’s lives. Again, reality based, not fantasy. Safety for family members as the go through daily life. Not only for the gun totting guy, but also women, kids and senior citizens ( my grandma is a good example of how you can do that)
Small tip Carrick, the wife will have to work. ;) If staying home taking care of the kids all day was profitable, every other country that went through similar economic crisis would have done so. But if you look, you’ll se that most of the time both parents go out to work and a nanny or family member stays taking care of the kids.
There’s things they can do home too to make money, but it needs to be cash and a reasonable amount of it. We’ve seen that here and I’ll be writing about home based business I saw women do here that actually worked.


Carrick said...

Gotcha. Did you take a look at the pictures link I sent?

Anonymous said...

A good thing for an appendix might be a series of lists...a "bare bones" prep list, a one-month list, a dream list, checklists of things to do before and during, a car list, a house list, etc... A good set of lists to photocopy and keep on the fridge might seal the deal for someone who picks up the book to think over buying it.

Maybe a final chapter on things you wish you'd done earlier or differently, but obviously ending on a positive note since the theme seems to be that level-headed people can carry on if they have brains and spine.

And as a practical note, you're going to publish under a nom de plume, right? From what you've posted lately, it sounds like the Ks would put the heavy on you if you received any international attention for the work.

ncocean said...

I am so thankful for all that you have posted in the past. If it doesn't happen in the USA, I would still look forward to your post. It's an eye opener to see what other parts of the world are going through.

Plus, many of you cautionary post, can be applied in everyday life, no matter where you live.

I can't wait for your book, even if you don't have a publisher. It's going to be great!!!


Ryan said...

I can't wait. If you can't find a publisher try a little shop like X libris or just do it as an E book. Do you have an approximate date it will be out yet?

Anonymous said...

On the cover: To sell the book I think you want a cover that addresses a felt need of the potential consumer OR presents a concept with which potential consumer can 'resonate'. So, first I'd suggest you decide which of these two you want to use. Second, I'd suggest you brainstorm as many examples as possible. Then third I'd suggest you look at the ability to present the concept w/ supporting words and pictures. It would be good if you could use someone who has marketing / photography / writing experience to help you. The cover is hugely important.

Don Williams said...

I look forward to the book as well. Will it be available on Amazon?

One thing I would be interested in is what spies call "tradecraft" in
an environment where the economy has collapsed.

1) How do people get the real news -- vice the government propaganda.

2) What are the protocols for transactions that might be marginally illegal but are necessary to survive and which everyone does? For example, how do you find who can supply what on the black market --and how do you avoid government stings.

OR is law enforcement so lax that security measures are not usually needed?

3) Do the police or authorities install informants in local neighborhoods? If so , how are they detected?

4) If you run a business, do the police try to shake you down for bribes? e.g, for necessary permits?

5) Given the prevalent kidnappings that you mentioned, do people devote much time to countersurveillance measures --i.e, to detect kidnappers who are following them --either on preliminary surveillance or as hunters? If so, what countersurveillance measures are used to detect and evade kidnappers?

6) How do people avoid taxes?

7) How do people hide their savings from thieves (cash, jewelry, guns, etc.).

8) Is much use , if any, made of codes and encryption to protect privacy of communications?

9) How do you protect your automobile when away from home? Only park in guarded garages? Do you ever have to use anti-theft measures like removing the electrical distributor rotor form the engine and taking it with you?

10) In your past posts you've touched on how to obtain an income --that is obviously the most important task. Info on any special tactics to do that would be helpful.

11) How is mail delivered -- to houses or do you have to go to post office?

(Recent news reports indicate that the US Postal Service is thinking about cutting back on days of service due to lack of funding.)

12) Is it difficult to get money into or out of the country? Are there alternative to Western Union and bank transfers?

13) Have large fires been a problem/danger anywhere? I'm not talking about a fire in a single house -- I'm talking about where arson has resulted in several city blocks burning down.

Good luck with the book

Anonymous said...

Ideas for additions:

Jokes & pranks/practical jokes that are unique to a crisis time.

There is a book around called "The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide & Cookbook." It is more about recovering and coping with a society in which there is no cheap energy. As dire as some of the content is (hardcore food storage, personal security, etc), the book as an upbeat feel, because the margins of every page contain recipes for delicious cheap food using stored goods & ingredients.
That simple difference, is great, because while you're reading tough stuff, the book is simultaneously reminding you "life will go on, and it can be rich."

CapnRick said...

Here's a good site to publish sections of your new book as articles.

Web site marketers are always looking for content and copy your articles to publish on their clients' websites. If you include a link to your book/ebook sale site, LOTS of people will check out the book. As more and more people sign up to host some of your articles, guess what? Google starts upping the page rank for your site, because that's the gold standard for site ranking... how many sites actually contain a link to your site.

As it happens, I have a lot of course material dealing with security issues I haven't published because none of my commercial websites have anything to do with security, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, etc. If you put up a website, I will publish my articles with links to your book site. No charge... I believe that your book is important.

There's lots of e-publishing sites where they will host your book for paid downloads and even collect the money for ya! And... you can link to your book on their site.

The only thing I published on such a site was a couple of articles on using ebay, and collected via PayPal. I got customers from as far away as Russia, Germany and Australia. Your cost per download is about a dollar US.

Suerte -Rick

Anonymous said...

If you're not familiar with Jeff Rense, then check out his website and internet radio program:
I think you'd find a ready market for your book.

Anonymous said...

it would lend loads of credibility to you if you would include personal things regarding your economic status (without compromising your key info of course), but include photos of your house, or a similar house, other hosues or apartments you own or rent, what was your portfolio (per se) before the collapse and after......we want to see evidence of your success or livelyhood, not just your word....lots of pictures would be great/neccessary, i would think. pictures of your properties, car(s), city, neighborhood, local shopping areas, local poor people/ghetto, local rich areas/neighborhoods etc....

even a step by step timeline of your business ventures would be great, including what worked for you and what did not.....maybe this has already been included....

Anonymous said...


1. please cover medical care in
depth. doctors, hospitals, and

2. barter opportunities....
what's the best to trade?
(gold rings?)what is not
the best?

3. "urban camo". what to wear
which will not attract attention and ultimately be "invisible".