Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thanks CapnRick...

For putting into words what I’ve been feeling lately but couldn’t express as well as you did:

Quote "Here in Buenos Aires, a kidnapping is reported every 36 hours." This is a quotation from the Washington Post

The article says the murder rate in BsAs has almost doubled over a year's time.

I get tired of hearing folks saying that we are overstating the crime here. Just because they weren't robbed in the lobby of the Hilton doesn't mean that there is no crime.

Just think about the majority of crimes, that DON’T get reported.

Guys, the situation here is bad, and constantly getting worse. This is a simple fact.

Every once in a while someone tells me “I talked with my aunt in Bs As and she says you exaggerate”
“My dad’s neighbor best friend neighbor just came from Buenos Aires, and everything is fine”

Folks. It’s not fine, it’s not ok, and it’s a huge MESS.

I don’t know how many cops got killed last week. Not a day goes by without some tragic murder being reported on TV, and it’s better not to think about ALL the things that are being kept in the dark.

And it’s not gang bangers killing each other, the people being murdered on daily basis are good hard working people.

Local celebrity Susana Gimenez had a breakdown a couple days ago when an associate of her’s was brutally murdered in his home. I believe a cop got stabbed as well during the same incident but is still alive.

She asked for harder penalties, “ Those that murder should be killed” she said, and all the media pretty much shrieked in pain as if their panties had been twisted due to the (supposedly) outrageous remark.

Mrs. Susana Gimenez (most prominent local celebrity) explained how people can’t stand the crime situation any more and how she moves around EVERYWHERE with her personal security detail ( which I’m sure is pretty impressive ) and always moves around in an armored car. “Even the car’s wheels are bullet proof” she said.

The ran a pool the other day: 98% of the people in Argentina agree with what she says. We need to do something about crime.

With all due respect to everyone aunts, uncles and friends:
I don’t expect people to do ½ of what I do myself. Same way you can’t expect everyone in USA to be survivalists and stock up water food and learn skill we consider necessary.
But if you live in this country and don’t recognize the HUGE security problem we have her you are a f*/&% idiot. Sorry, no better words to describe it.

This kid living in La Plata called BS on me some time ago, later he admitted that he had been robbed twice and robbed once in his home since 2002.
What kind of fool goes through that and fails to recognize there’s a big problem.

If you have a tumor you can go to a doctor and receive appropriate treatment, have it removed, do something about it, you have a chance. The sooner you accept the problem and do something about it the better.

But if you let it eat you up and you stick your head in the sand and do NOTHING, sooner or later you are going to regret it.

The government is to blame for the censorship and “feel good, everything is fine” propaganda and institutional brainwashing.

But when people around you and even yourself are becoming victims of the crime problem and you still go into denial, you are the only one to blame, and you confirmed that you have the government you deserve.

I’m sorry about the rant. But today a personal trainer was executed in front of his family even after peacefully surrendering his truck to the carjackers. They shot him in the head just because they felt like it. After they shot him they run over him with the tuck as they left, just for fun.
He’s leaving a 2 year old baby fatherless.
These things go on all day, but people don’t react.



Anonymous said...

I appreciate this post. I realized recently that I had lost focus on my preparations and awareness of the situation in my area, and this tragic and current information from your area spurs me on to redouble my efforts. Thank you.

Don Williams said...

1) The US Department of State has an internet site with information on local country conditions for Americans traveling abroad. Their page on Argentina mentions the express kidnappings and crime.

2) They also note:
"Traffic accidents are the primary threat to life and limb in Argentina. Pedestrians and drivers should exercise caution. Drivers frequently ignore traffic laws and vehicles often travel at excessive speeds."

They must have encountered you at an intersection, Ferfal. Heh heh

FerFAL said...


That guy was still alive when I speed away :^)

Traffic is rather crazy here. People don’t follow lots of the basic traffic rules.


Don Williams said...

Ferfal, I had a question. Are you seeing any changes to architecture in Argentina due to the 2001 crisis and resulting social changes?

In the Roman Republic, for example, the wealthy had homes in which the exterior walls had no windows --entrance was via a single guarded doorway and family life focused on an inner courtyard.

Pretty secure building plan. Including spare water supply in the atrium's fountain and room to grow fruit in inner courtyard. Plus stalls on outside of building could be rented out to merchants to raise cash.

In Scotland, I saw what are called Z towers -- square towers with extensions on two diagonally opposite corners. The extensions being to prevent blind spots at the corners where attackers could hid from fire of defenders inside the building.

An extension (Like a small thick tower) allowed defenders to sweep the two outside walls (connecting) at the corner with fire. By having two such extensions on diagonal corners, all four walls could be swept of attackers.

Seen any fortification methods being used to protect Argentinian homes?