Friday, March 13, 2009

Reply: Self defense for Seniors

Being 70 years old, I am no longer in shape for any kind of physical confrontation with a single younger attacker, let alone multiple ones. The main thing for me is always situational awareness, then to be be aware of anything within reach to be used a weapon if I cannot extricate myself.

Although the small pepper spray containers/pins are OK, I go another step further. A small plastic squeeze bottle for nasal spray, once emptied, then refilled with common household ammonia or wasp and hornet spray can be a very effective defensive/offensive deterrent.

I will not engage in fists, feet or grappling techniques for defense, (unless there is absolutely no alternative) aside from that, I will use anything I can lay my hands as a weapon. Not to bluff or intimidate, but for use immediately to smash, stab or slash if me or mine feel threatened by a would be attacker.(s)


Hi Roland (cool name by the way)
Thanks for commenting.
I’d seriously consider a good brand of OC spray (Saber or Fox) instead.
Maybe they don’t cause permanent damage like your homemade spray would, but they are much more effective in stopping people immediately.
They burn like hell and make breathing very difficult.
Besides, the pressure of the spray is something you’ll never equal.

You are right about being extra cautious and concentrating on awareness.
My grandma is +80 years old and she managed to stay safe for many years now.
How? She simply takes 0(cero) risks.
She wont open the door to anyone she doesn’t know, my grandpa left her with a nicely set apartment, solid door and locks before passing away.
She only goes out when there’s the most people on the street (morning and noon) and simply doesn’t go anywhere she doesn’t know alone.
If she has to go somewhere else, either me or my aunt will take her.
Other than that she lives a pretty independent life, but being extra cautious is the key.
Some people prefer to carry a walking stick ( even if they don’t really need it) to use as a blunt weapon.
I would prefer a large knife since its much more difficult to take away from you, and cases damage much more easily, requiring less strength and skill than a blunt weapon.
If it’s possible, of course, I wouldn’t go anywhere without a firearm.
As you said, fighting younger people can be a problem, but concentrating on the most simple strikes and moves, and adding a few tricks to your bag will increase our odds greatly.
There's a few guys out there that teach self defense specifically for Seniors.
Take care.



The last cause said...

A nice walking stick, like a Blackthorn, is a nice addition for elderly folks.

They can look like a cane with a small bowling ball on the top of them and they are unbelievably dense and strong and flexible and would do the trick.

Blackeagle said...

"If it’s possible, of course, I wouldn’t go anywhere without a firearm."

As they say, "God did not make men equal, Samuel Colt did." Those with limited physical abilities like the elderly are those most in need of a firearm.

Anonymous said...

A minor point on those 'strong locks' that many people don't realize. The lock is only as strong as the door it is in and - more often - the door jamb the lock hole is screwed into.

A lot of people use the screws that come with the lock. Those should be replaced with 2" or 3" screws that go into the door frame. This makes it nearly impossible to kick the door in.

The TV show "Myth Busters" had an episode where they tried to bust in a door. Just a simple chain lock with long screws made the door *much* harder to break down.

stay safe