Saturday, March 28, 2009

Body armor from


I’m proud to announce that Nick from has decided to advertise with me and is running a special offer.

Along with your body armor order, if you mention “FerFAL”, you get a FREE Police Surplus Blunt Trauma Pad.

Blunt trauma can cause serious damage (including brake bones) even if the projectile is stopped by the body armor.

The Blunt Trauma Pad significantly reduces the blunt damage and protects you Sternum bone.

I’ve been insisting on the importance of body armor for many years now. When I decided to go looking for advertisers for the blog, Bulletproofme was the first in my mind given the very positive experience I had with them, so I’m happy Nick decided to do this.

Check the website. You’ll sure find a solution that fits your budget and your BA needs.



Unknown said...

Sounds like a great deal for readers and you. Congrats. We do need another soft vest and somewhere down the road (far down the road) plates and plate carriers.

Anonymous said..., now if you could just get a deal on bulk ammo...

The last cause said...

Congrats FerFal, I hope you managed to wrangle a "free" vest for the bother of endorsing Bulletproofme..

Michael Jordan did get free Nike's after all..;)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for some time especially concerning body armor. BulletProofMe looks like a reputable company and I would have no issues buying their products, but I was wondering if you could enlighten me as to your opinion (minus the price) of Miguel Caballero's products. For instance, are the arms and shoulders protected as well as the torso?
BTW, You have published a fine survival manual.