Friday, March 6, 2009

Traveling Security: DanT's tip

DanT said...

Tilley at sells durable low key trousers that have an excellent hidden pocket and they sell internationally. I use them all the time and never had a problem. Here is an example:

Thanks DanT ;^)

The same website also has some nice Tips for Travellers



Jeff said...

Hi Ferfal,

I like your blog. Keep up the good work.

One thing I would say is to remember that every country is different, and every collapse is (somewhat) different. So the American collapse won't be exactly like the Argentine or Zimbabwe collapse. UK was the global superpower for a couple of centuries, and after their collapse their citizens still maintain a relatively peaceful and high standard of living.

I learn what I can from ferfal, and I try to adapt it to what I think will happen in USA.

Don Williams said...

Years ago, when I worked on government contracts, they gave me a book titled "Travel Safely at Home and Abroad" by R W Worring for overseas travel. I found it useful as a basic check list on managing travel and security precautions. It's still available via Amazon.

It's is more for the business traveler -- light on physical security measures. It mentions carrying a pocket knife like Ferfal and also gives a list of possible improv weapons (e.g., heavy ashtray in a pillow case).

I also got a list to supplement the above book when it came to driving automobiles (e.g., look under car for unusual protrusions or wires newly taped to the underside of frame. heh heh) One of the things the list mentioned is making sure you always have an escape path in traffic -- e.g, travel in leftmost lane so that you can make a U-Turn across the median if traffic is halted, leave room between you and car in front at stop lights so you can speed away around car in front if someone trys to hijack your car,etc.)

Of course, The counterterrorism and executive protection courses out there have far more aggressive procedures to deal with more dangerous attackers. The above book and list was in the days before Sept 11.

FerFAL said...

"Jeff said...
I learn what I can from ferfal, and I try to adapt it to what I think will happen in USA."

That's the idea Jeff. Learn and adapt it to your situation.

There are some similarities someitmes, for example in Zimbabwe they saw how terrible teh secuirty problem was for isolated farmers.
It didn't get that bad here but we saw how serious it could get.

In my opinon, there's going to be similarities, but it wont be as bad in USA as it was here.

At least that's what I hope.

Take care.