Sunday, March 22, 2009

Protests in Argentina against Crime

Wifeicita and I walked by the peaceful demonstration Contra la Violencia en the Plaza tonite. It appeared to be attended... for Mar del Plata, that is. It appeared to be around 400-450 people. I was surprised to see some hard looking individuals around the outskirts of the crowd. Wifecita said they were the pro-government element there to protest the protest.

It would be nice if there were some beneficial results from these protests. SaLUDOS -CapnRick

Hey Rick, sorry for not replying sooner.

It’s great to know you guys did your share of protest over there in Mar del Plata. Hope people wake up little by little.

Here there wasn’t that much people.

At first some gov. infiltrated guys started fight, as soon as the march started, and of course the cameras were there to film it.

According to my wife and I think she’s right, it was a way of scaring people and make them stay home, afraid of getting hit like last time by K and Delia, in that pitiful Plaza de mayo battle when people supported the farmers.

Those pro-gov protesters your wife noticed are indeed that. They are goons in the gov. payroll. And they themselves hire “villeros” as foot soldiers, in exchange for a bit of money, booze or “paco” drug.

You can sometimes see them rounding them up and picking people in the “conurbano”, busses take them to the various protests.

There was also infiltrated gov. agents filming the protest form various angles so as to catch the mass of protesters.

That’s why stayed more at the side, more like a onlooker rather than an active participant.

Being paranoid has worked very well for me so far:)

Take care Rick, and be careful out there.

By the way, Did you get the Bersa? It’s a great gun.

For defense for both you and your wife maybe the Bersa .40 S&W would be a better idea.

You really should get yourself a firearm, given how things are in our country these days.



DaSui said...

And just what do you expect the gov. to do?
The gov. is broke, it is not interested anyway, it only wants to take what wealth is left in Argentina.
And what do you want the Government to do?

Can Argentina afford a huge prison population like America? The gov. can't pay for it, and even in America we are releasing prisoners everyday, see the shootout today by a parolee, that killed 3 cops?

I know an Indonesian whose country has the same challenges. He told me in his neighborhood if someone is caught stealing a mob chases him down and beats him to death. As states become weaker and self absorbed informal justice will become normal.

Srben said...

It's not uncommon to have government agents pose as protesters, and then start causing damage, rioting, looting, etc. so that the government troops can use that as an excuse to use force. Don't let anyone near you get out of hand. If anyone starts talking about committing a crime, get them out of there a.s.a.p.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ferfal,

I picked up a Bersa 9mm UCP last week, and am very impressed. 13 + 1 and it is concealable enough. You guys make a nice firearm, though prices are rising fast. Maybe Bersa is not a secret any longer?