Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reply: Power bill goes up... 1000%!!!!!

CapnRick said...

Saludos: The price of nafta/gasoline rose here in Argentina as it did around the world during the recent price increases. When the gasoline prices fell in the US, they did not drop here. We are still paying more or less USD4 per gallon now... about the same as last year's high prices. It is because the government used to subsidize the cost of gasoline. Now, the Ks have stolen so much, and the revenues have declined so the government doesn't have enough money to continue to subsidize energy prices.

The Ks understand the vast majority of voting Argentinians don't have air conditioners. That's the demographic they are trying to serve, so they can stay in power and CONTINUE to increase their net worth by 100 percent each 4 months, as they did in the first 4 months of Lady Ks tenure.

This is an example of what you feared may becoming to the US. You were correct... but, I hopehopehope we are all wrong.

Suerte -Rick

Also remember that most of these K goons and stupid “villero” voters, they live in places like “villa 31”, they have satellite TV and air conditioners but they don’t pay, because they have a right to (supposedly) get back at the middle class.

It’s a country where the honest good guy never wins. The bum, the lazy guy that just sucks up resources is always benefited.

And these “villas” are all over the country, they make their own illegal power connections and don’t pay a single buck, ever.

The K plan is very simple: The Destruction of the middle class in Argentina. A small very rich elite, and huge masses of poor, uneducated voters.

Rick, how many days of class were lost already in public schools due to various strikes? Public education = no education at all in this country.

They are doing a superb job in destroying the future generations.



CapnRick said...

Yes... it's very true that the teachers are taking off two days this week on strike. My wife is a math teacher in Mar del Plata... a state employee.

The strike combined very nicely with a federal holiday today. I teased her that the teachers wanted two extra days for long trips. If they called in sick on Monday, they would be out from Friday through Thursday. I think they will have to stay extra days at the end of the school year to catch up. Prior strikes last semester caused her to have to work 20DEC08 to catch up the missed dates.

It is sad that 80 percent of her students don't pay attention in class and cannot attain a passing grade, but the administrator of the school marks up the grade to get them passed to the next year. This goes on in US schools sometimes, too.

Suerte -Rick

FerFAL said...

How is securty in the schools in Mar del Plata?
Here in the "conurbano" teachers are sometimes too scared of the kids.
Did you see the clip of the student burning the teacher's hair?
Many kids go armed to school too, and the parents are even worse.